Tips to all drivers

My tips to all drivers. The more you know the better…
You only have to wait 2 minutes before you can no show a pax… The extra three minutes isn’t required…

Uber has a 2 minute count down… Then a new count up timer starts. @3 minutes it says cancel for no show and adds a cancel button.

I have no need to risk not getting a cancellation fee… I give the pax 5 minutes.


After two minutes you can no show… I thought it was five but it isn’t. The extra minutes are courtesy. why would I post something… If it hadn’t been tested… Idk what kinda ppl you around but no need to lie or have ppl lose money

It depends on the platform! Lyft is 5 mins no matter what but Uber isn’t. If you no show on a shared ride for lyft and haven’t waited 3 mins after the countdown u get nothing. On regular lyft rides just wait til the regular countdown finishes. I’m not Uber so I can’t speak on their rules.

U don’t even get the option until the 5 min is up on Lyft so this is only an Uber post!! (2 min on shared ride tho… without a call too)

You don’t have to suggest it’s for both platforms but when you post something in an uber/lyft group ppl are going to read it as both. So how are you helping rookies again with your vet tips?

Have you ever seen a wise man arguing with a fool? From a distance no-one can tell who is who…And since I’ve answered on this exact thread if it was uber I don’t have to address that any further… Yet I digress… Youngin

I once had someone debate what I posted about rideshare coverages for Uber/Lyft. I gladly posted my proof. Post your proof or shut up and drive. And, if you post something that only applies to one platform, you need to say that. I know for a FACT that what you said doesn’t apply to Lyft. Timer must expire. If it’s busy, they reduce that 5 mins to 2, or if you’re doing a Lyft Line, otherwise, if you bail early, no money and your acceptance rate is affected. Tell the whole truth, r you’re being misleading. Your credibility is about near zero now, no one is losing money testing stupid theories like that.

Considering I didn’t have one today I can’t post proof… Duh… You sound like that racist woman who told LeBron to shut up and dribble… I stated if you could read I’d post once I got one… However I didn’t have one today… Now. Seeing as I don’t have to specify… I didn’t… If you play attention to the thread you can read context clues but maybe you missed that part of schooling. Nevertheless… Ppl from a distance… Can’t tell…

If were really trying to be helpful, this is not the way. Clearly, you are not. Your analogies, as well as your presumptions, are as stupid as you apparently are. I’m not arguing with you any longer, you don’t have the credibility for me to waste my time.

Well i will say this , this may be true but still be careful because I had a pax get in was complaining how the last driver cancelled on her can’t remember which platform I was on but they were able to see that the driver never called before cancelling she got her money back not sure what happens to the driver but just putting it out there . :woman_shrugging:t5:

He’s right. I’ve pulled this off on an X fare myself when a different pax walked up to my car trying to figure out how to request a ride for her and her 5 friends. I canceled and got the XL. Despite hitting do not charge rider I got the cancellation fee for the other rider I was waiting on since it was pat 2 minutes.

Did not get a cancel fee last night. Canceled between 2 and 5 minutes. UberX.

Canceled based off of how the pax spoke to me when they called.

Thought it would be a good chance to test this tip. It failed to deliver.

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So you found a glitch in the system? It doesn’t work for everyone. Now with this new info, you decide to share it amongst 20k riders and drivers including Corp employees for both platforms. Let’s see how long this last considering I’m sure your legal name is attached to fb. great job! When you forced to wait the 5 min like the rest of us or deactivated for cheating the system, maybe you’ll think twice before disclosing info like this to the public! TF?

I doubt he knew its a glitch. Nobody barely making money gonna volunteer to be deacticated