Tips for uber partners and drivers

Given the recent rate cuts by Uber and other ridershare companies this post might be comforting to some ridershare partners and Uber drivers out there. Some ridershare partners are still killing it. Here is some inspiration.

When a driver signed up, Uber gave them some good beginner tips about how to launch a successful business. Through our experience networking with drivers worldwide, we learned industry secrets that explain how the Uber driver scores work and how to ensure their ratings remains high (getting the driver more opportunities for rides and putting more money in your pocket!)

Greg makes an average of $675,000 per year leveraging his gig as an Uber driver while only working about 12 hours a week on the platform. Our UberX Driver’s Kit (which you can download from our website ( and use as a guide.

Read the full Q and A on our blog to find out how he has been able to make such an impressive amount; receive some tips and important information for Uber drivers; and some general thoughts he has about the Uber platform and how the Company can improve its service.

There are many methods available on how to find the highest fares as a rideshare partner or driver and also increase your revenue. Each one has a different focus, though they are all intertwined. You need to know your local market hot spots. Ride Share Fleet

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