Tips for new Dashers to get up to speed with DoorDash

How to DoorDash

This article will discuss the attraction of working for DoorDash as a Dasher and whether it is good for you or not.

First Steps

The first thing you need to do is sign up and then download the app. So here is the link to signing up an account. After you sign up, you will be given an orientation session time that you need to attend. Pick the best date that suits you and then go-to the local office where you will go through the orientation session.

Download the Dasher app before you go to the session after you complete the session they will give you a Red-Card, which is DoorDash's credit card for paying for orders which were not prepaid. The card is loaded before a shift, so you don't need to worry about paying, and in any event, you never pay for the orders out of your own cash or personal credit card.

You also get a Dasher shirt and a delivery bag, it's best to keep them always in your car, that way you never forget to bring them with you.

Then they activate the account, and now you begin to plan your weekly schedule. They don't hold your hand, so you have to learn how to use the app the hard way.

The App

You downloaded the Dasher app and its now on your mobile device. Make sure it on the device you used to sign up with or has the sim card you used to sign up with.

Now you will click on Schedule and scroll down to choose the city you are working in. The next thing you do is click on the time slot you want to work in; you can set the slot to whatever you want it to be, for instance, if you only want a short workload you can set it from 11:00 am to 11:30 am which is 30 minutes. If you want to make it longer, you click on "Extend, " and your shift will extend for how long you want it to continue.

The next place you look at is the top of the screen. There you will see "payments red card," this means that the order needs to pay by your red card. In some instances, it will not state that which means you don't need to pay with the red card since it is a pre-paid order. This usually means that the Restaurant is a partner merchant and has an account with DoorDash.

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When you arrive at a merchant and state the name of the customer, you are picking up the order for. Such as "Hi, I'm here for Steve's order" or whichever name happens to be at the top of the order request.

The next thing you do is check all the boxes; you don't have to open them yourself if you don't want to contaminate them with germs. First, check off the list according to what is ordered and what the merchant says is in the box. Then get the merchant to open each one to make sure it has the exact item in it. Make sure you have plenty of knives, forks, spoons, whatever and also make sure you have all the condiments too.


Don't waste time at the merchant, the longer you dally, the more frustrated the customer will become and will cancel the order. If you are in a long line or queue, call the customer to make sure it's OK that you might be delayed. Once you have the order, drive off immediately and notify the customer that you have the order and it's on its way.

Once you reach the customer, don't waste time, give them the order and leave, it shouldn't take more than 10 seconds. If the customer is not answering their door, then text and call them, if they don't answer your attempts at contacting them then call driver service support.

Dasher Driver Requirements and Pay

That's it, straightforward. Now for some faqs.


What do drivers get paid?

Drivers are paid by the hour, or per delivery. The prices differ per city for example in San Jose, California the pay per delivery is $5.00 without tips. During peak hours the price can go up by $1 or $2 reaching $7.00 per delivery. This is the basic pay, and you add the tips to that.

When do I drive?

You set the time, but remember that there are peak times as well as weekends and holidays that are always hot.

Where do I start driving?

This depends on you, but some drivers who live near restaurants prefer to wait at home, they open the app and wait to get the first ride. If you don't live near any restaurants, then drive to a hotspot and wait for the first order. The main difference is if you live in a city or a town, ad if you live in the city or in a suburb. The closer you are to a range of restaurants will decide whether you start from home to drive to a starting location.

How many orders should I take?

In all honesty, you should take every order you get. The more you take, the more income, and the more merchants get to know your which speeds things up. Also remember you are being rated by the company on performance, so if you start an order you have to finish it.

How do I get good customer reviews?

Be fast, be prompt, and be polite. Communicate with your customer if there is a delay. Always say "yes sir/mam" and "thank you" and "please." Smile a lot, and you will get good reviews. The more good reviews you get, the more customers will appreciate you and want you to deliver for them. This goes for merchants too.

Contact Support=No more deliveries afterwards?..Having an average/high number of deliveries and the customer doesn’t come to the door. And they won’t answer the phone. Contact support. They call the customer and it works right away. Which is an utterly ridiculous app fail. But not the point… After item is delivered… No more deliveries offered. WHY? It wasn’t my fault the app didn’t work and customer is def to someone banging on their front door.