Tips aren't common on uber's platform

We signed up for this gig with that information, so by continuing to drive for uber, that just means we accept those terms. If you really want to change it, stop driving for uber. as little as we feel that uber cares for its drivers, they still need drivers. no drivers? then no uber. can you get enough drivers to stop driving to be that impactful?

As long as drivers keep driving, and new drivers keep signing up, or the courts enforce a change in how uber classifies its drivers, or something of that caliber, nothing is going to change. tryign to manipulate the ratings in some form to send a message? i think it’s an uphill battle that’s going to take much more than this suggestion.

I agree with your method, however, there is one issue. Many riders can query for their rating now before they rate you. If you give them bad rating, they will be able to see that and take their revenge. Usually give everybody a 5 stars.

Mark the trip and then after few days, contact uber to change everybody’s rating. I heard from some people an Uber conspiracy. They will tell you that they did change the rating, but the fact is they don’t.

Here’s the way I look at tips. I don’t expect them. But when I get one I’m pleasantly surprised. It seems that’s the best way to go through the day. I can’t imagine being miserable and one-starring every rider who doesn’t tip. Which is pretty much all of them.

Youre in the wrong business if you feel you should be getting tipped. Don’t you understand Uber does not want there passengers tipping. Most pax think it is included. Drive for Lyft if you want tips, but I still wouldn’t expect them.

Just have a good attitude and drive. Tips will come here and there. But expecting them will not yield you any. If you can’t work for a dollar, work for 50 cents. If you can’t work for 50 cents work for a quarter. If you don’t want to work for a quarter, someone else will.

Maybe not from the perspective of Uber. But I know myself and other drivers won’t pick up passengers if the rating is low enough. If anything it may have to wait longer for pickup.

I have never seen a Pax with a rating below 4.5, Uber protects their pax. You may give a one but most drivers give 5s hoping to get one back.

Tipping is an antiquated system and needs to be eliminated across the board. The Euro system will eventually be adopted here as the Living wage is pushed forward by natural economic forces.

The price of service should not be left to the customer to determine after the service is performed. Currently in the restaurant industry you have a select group that works the front of the house that is compensated at a much higher rate than the staff in the back of the house who have just as much or arguably more responsibility to insure the restaurants success.

We should be rallying for higher rates, by organizing drivers to not drive unless rates are surged to 2x. No need to beg the pax for a tip if we are being paid a fair rate.

I agree with some of this, but the difference is that you see that same bar tender regularly and have developed a relationship with him and she sees the same stylist everytime she gets her hair done,so the tip is a personal experience designed to strengthen that relationship in those circumstances and get you better service.

You hit the nail on the head. When they raised min wage in my city a lot of restauraunts raises their prices and told people they dont need to tip. Some still so but if people make a reasonable wage. They dont need to rely on tips now do they!

I’ve never given a tip because I want to develop a relationship. I always give tips because I am appreciative of the service they did a good job and I have an understanding that more likely than not their base wage is not enough to be a liveable wage.

You can rationalize it however you want. Most people are just socially programmed to tip certain amounts for certain things. I’ve been automatically tipping a buck a beer since I’ve been going to bars, or 18% on dinner.

I tip the same everywhere, because I have accepted a certain amount of social engineering in my life. The difference is I’m aware of it and you aren’t, until maybe now.

I find it very enlightening that you seem to know how and why I tip. I’m going to inform you that you have no idea so let me Enlighten you. I tip for the reasons previously stated. Due to those reasons I want possible give 20% of a tip. When it is not possible at minimum try and give a 15% tip. You can speak for yourself but you cannot speak for me.