Tip not showing on our apps


(Audrina Jameson) #1

Everyone, go look at yesterday’s earnings and see if you got a tip. I’ve polled a smaller sample size, and no one is showing a tip on their apps. 2 of us (myself included) watched our pax enter and submit a tip. Curious if this is a Dallas issue, or nationwide

(Peter Dave) #2

17 trips not a single tip. I thought that was odd. Hmmm

(Mitchel) #3

If you’re expecting tips you’re using the wrong service. Uber has built a culture around not tipping. You should be blaming uber.

(Haris_McMan) #4

I even dropped off a few riders at their mansions in Scottsdale, AZ… still no tips. :angry:

(Amanda Halen) #5

I got 3 yesterday… im in Cleveland if that helps

(Maurice Nixon) #6

I watched a rider tip $10 in app. Didn’t get it. Ubers service fee was $10 more than the ride showed in pax app. Miami

(Andrew Martin) #7

Rider pays extra $10 to Uber from what pax app shows it should have cost?

(Kimberly Nelson) #8

I’m not worried about what I made I understand how that is calculated. But where my tip Uber

(Sharon Green) #9

Don’t you love their 180 days of change bahahaha
Uber you can’t change shit if you keep fucking over your driver’s that make you that $$$$$. Technology Company that cant keep their technology working properly ever!!! Uber you are a cab company with so many flaws in your technology!!!

(Sue Cooper) #10

Those are famous last words. Every time a pax tells me he always tips his Uber driver, I don’t receive a tip. I think it is a ploy so I will give them 5 stars.

(Donna Harris) #11

My friend has this happen to her last night on two fares, she reported to Uber and they denied receiving the tips.

(Michaela Biksacky) #12

Zero tips here and one for certain was leaving a tip. I had 8 rides.

(Brendan Halai) #13

Uber is confirming I was tipped, but there’s no tip showing, and there’s way more money in their service fees than there should be

(William Murphy) #14

I watched one put it in yesterday and I didn’t receive it.

(Graham Sandy) #15

This happened in Chicago too. Watched the pax enter the tip, on multiple occasions(I’ve started showing the ones who “don’t know how to tip”) and it took until just a few minutes ago for it, along with several other tips to show up. Uber needs to get their shit together and figure it out.

(Mathew Boolean) #16

I had a pax tell me he worked in the service industry and he would be tipping me on the app. I got nothing…

(Trish Richardson) #17

Call off the hounds! The issue was fixed, and tips are showing back up from last night. $38 in all

(Lance Rodriguez) #18

Total of $10 appeared on my account for today starting around 8:45 tonight. If one of y’all helped me to have that show up… THANK YOU!!! Every little bit helps. Hallelujah! :smile:

(Melinda Foster) #19

Day late a dollar short… the uber way… #deleteuber

(Bector Ernest) #20

I had a pax that left his phone in my car last week i had to turn off app, n drive 20 minutes back and find him at his job…he said he would leave me a nice tip… I have seen nothing