Tip boxes. Extra money is extra money in my book

For all the hate I got on my tip jars… they have been a huge hit! Being able to make the Pax laugh will definitely help towards your chances at getting a tip. There is also nothing wrong with putting tip jars in your cars… It’s not tacky or dumb. We’re all here to hustle and make money… if I can make an extra $20 a night in tips, I will. No shame in this game!

Get up with the times. There’s nothing wrong with it. I reported a pax for fishing a $10 out of my tip box one time… yet here I am still online

You may not be aware that Uber lost a 100 million dollar suit a while back that changed the clarification of drivers to independent contractors and also this lawsuit gave drivers the accessibility to ask for tips in anyway they so desire. Wither it’s a sign, tip box, or tip jar there is nothing in the current TOS that states Tip jars, tip boxes, or tip signs are not allowed. I suggest you do your own research and not simply take the word of a individual could have been deactivated for some other reason, people tend to lie sometimes just saying bye.

I have both. I’m definitely going to use the other one for Friday and Saturday night! Oh don’t you worry I’m still going to use that other one LOL

No I don’t worry about my safety. If I have time in between rides and check the box and take the money out if there’s money in there.

Yes I leave money in my tip box. Just to show them that’s what it is. I put a few singles and a 5. But mine does lock with the key. Bought it at Staples

You should let me do the color on your tattoos. I don’t have any experience but I’d love an excuse to poke you for a few hours.

noooooo!!! Lol that wasn’t directed towards u!!! That was to all the people that were crying about the tip box she posted the other day :joy::joy:

It’s tacky to beg for money. Just go get a piece of cardboard and stand on the corner. Same thing

I’m just trying to figure out how having a simple tip jar the back of the car is considered tacky and bugging for money. Seems to me that you’re just a salty bitch. :zipper_mouth_face:

My opinion is that having a tip jar is not tacky. Your other tip jar with the “tip” quote will cause you drama with unwanted advances from drunk customers. It puts you in danger. My other opinion is that I am indeed a salty bitch and proud of it. Lol.

The one thing I liked about Uber/Lyft was that it was cash free I get it we all like that tip but if the pax really wants to tip they will there is no need to display the fact that u have cash in your possession we don’t always get good ppl in our cars ijs please be very careful having cash/Tip Jars on your person I rather go without the tip if it will keep me safer ijs they are stabbing and robbing and shooting Uber/left drivers and they don’t even have money on them think about what will happen and you have a tip jar sitting in your car for a pax to have the idea to tip when they will be there to rob you for $20 #Food4Thought

That’s my point for having a tip jar… No money on my person it’s in the jar. Take it and run if u want to.

don’t know what others do 95% of the pax don’t tip cause Uber has programmed them not to do that’s not a true statement but I promise I won’t add any more to this again hill pray that no harm comes to you for displaying your earnings good luck to you and the others with tip Jars :joy:

Not the Uber app they can on the lyft app tho but the most important thing is (especially for a woman ) it’s dangerous it’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ppl out here they taking car while ppl I gasing them up and driving off the jacking ppl for their shit why would she be any different. And the first thing will be said is that you are a hatter cause you say it’s tacky lol jus trynna save you some unnecessary pain cause trust it will come if the tip jar stays :joy:

In app tipping is in Houston, Seattle and Minneapolis right now. I have only gotten 2 tips thru the uber app since they rolled it out…still get mostly cash IF they tip at all. To tip in the app…they HAVE to rate you to get to the tip portion…most are too lazy to do that

I’ve seen where some ppl show their PayPal account in the car on use other ones like some kind of vemo and others I’ve never heard of.

I’ve got my Square Reader! Love it! I have a code I could give anyone who wants it for no fees for the first couple months or something. I got it for Girl Scout Cookies but I get tips on it all the time. And only 3 cents on each dollar. It’s great!

Damn as many likes as this post has I might as well put this picture on my tip jar :joy::joy:

Bad driver? Lmfao. I live in florida. NOT ILLEGAL HERE DUMB ASS. I hope idiots like you stub their toe on a table in the middle of the night.