Threats of deactivation and intimidation... are nothing new. uber off!

The more uber deactivates the more pissed off drivers. we will have nothing to lose. you will have hundreds of ex drivers creating thousands of fake accounts. we will get more media attn and disrupt uber once again. it doesn’t stop till uber treats us as “partners”.

OP’s status on the corporate ladder is in a serious trouble. He has not learned how to lie properly. Can’t beat the psychopaths to the top unless you learn how to tap into your inner beast, man.

when I heard about this strike from a passenger of all people over two weeks ago I came here to confirm it. I started asking questions and such and got slammed and uninvited to strike with them, which was fine, cause I emphasized I was independent not of union and was unaware permission was needed…it just made me laugh.

I read my contract. It said 20% goes to Uber. Yesterday 38% of my gross went to Uber. SRF shit. Yet it showed up on my 1099. I do not appreciate being lied to, and standing up to the entity that is lying is not whining. Just won’t someone give me an SUV so I can make $2,500 a week net instead of driving UberX in my Mazda5?

We can see no cars for 15 minutes in peak time, yet no surge. Then, on an evening peak time, there will be 10 cars within a 1/2 mile radius and the surge is activated, yet, the driver cars are not being pinged! How is that possible? What, 10 cars just passing the surge ping?

If lyft and Uber were weren’t as dumb as I think they are–mired in working hard at more of the same, losing money, group think, they’d both succumb to their, supposed as they need them to be, “drivers’ demands.”

I wondered that myself when reading it as I do the same but if the post is real and the purpose is to get rid of drivers who are disrupting the service, then I take drivers “using” the rider app to mean actually requesting rides simply to cancel them in order to get the word out to join the strike or to discourage scabs from crossing the picket line.

The funny thing is that the weirdos driving still think they’re going to clean up because of striking drivers. If only they knew they can only take 3-4 passenger an hour regardless. The only way they or you can get a raise is if uber gave you a raise.

Further evidence is that the post is written like it is doing us a favor warning us, and yet, the OP does not bother to engage any dialogue with anybody commenting. This makes no rational sense.

Give them a minute, he/she needs to switch one of their 40 screen names. Apparently, we’re all stupid & don’t notice all the “new” members on the site over the past few weeks.

They aren’t deactivating anyone because that’s what becomes the news story. The media is hungry for a David and Goliath story and that would it. I sent out a basic press release and I had a dozen reporters call me ALL of which said that if there was any form of retaliation against me or other drivers I know that they were a simple phone call away.

No. Freedom of speech only pertains to the government limiting your speech/expression. Anyone else can mess with it as much as they want because they are not the government.

There it is. Even with that there are some limitations where the govt can determine what is excluded under “free speech”
Most people have no idea that “freedom of speech” means only that.

Deactivating drivers could result in a huge backlash…not from drivers but RIDERS. My belief is most Uber riders would not want to patronize a company that acted like an old school corporate monopoly.

3 months ago the ATL minimum fare was $6 - I would take $4 after Uber cut.
Today minimum fare is $5.75 - I now take $3.20 after Uber cut. How is this latest increase in the SRF not affecting my income? The SRF is being used as some kind of bait and switch scheme on the drivers to increase Ubers cut.