This will be just an effort to catch the public attention of the tipping policy of Uber

First of all, It requires someone who has good PR skills. As a Uber driver, I never accept any rider with rating below 3.5. If we keeping giving out 1 as a massive operation, we might able to pull Uber to the table because customers are spending more time in being accepted by us. I mean, the fact I gave out 20 1s on a Sunday afternoon will not change the system. However, what if 1000*20??!!

Uber totally played the public with the way drivers were compensated initially. Most riders would not be very happy with the sub minimum wage driving conditions, even if they want a deal – at least in my market, SF Bay area.

I was told by a client, that the ranking system to him is totally binary. Either you’re a 1 or a 5. Like you tube, thumbs up, thumbs down. This is a better system. Either I like you or I hate you. There is no in between. You’re a 1 or you’re a 5. I dont have the time or really care to determine how much I like or hate you so you’ve got a 50/50 shot. If I can’t figure it out I flip a coin.

Then what’s the purpose if ranking customers if you can’t see it? If they do that in LA, everyone is getting 1*. Since it really has no meaning. Just shows how the ranking system has no value.

You guys who rate a customer a 1* for not tipping are a bunch of idiots. I had a 1* rider in my car a few weeks ago and he only took one trip. I told him his rating and he was shocked. The first thing he asked me was should he have tipped the driver. He thought that the Tip was part of the service. He was very shocked and a little annoyed.

If you deserve it you will get it. But there is a difference between what is deserved and making it mandatory. I think the whole tipping thing in all service industry has become to complacent. It’s now expected even when the service sucks. Tell me the last time you didn’t tip when you got sub par service in a restaurant? Probably tool a lot not to tip.

I don’t think you can answer the simplest question I have. What is the different A, B and C? No rush, you have 24hrs to answer it provided you know how to do it. The prize of answering it right is a check has $5 value titled “tip for idiot”.

The way you get them to do it is actually quite simple! …
You treat them with respect, make them feel special, go the extra mile by opening doors and help carry anything they bring, give them free stuff like mints and promotional free services that are offered by businesses in the community along with a great personality and a ride that they will never forget!

It’s just unfair for doing the same thing as taxi driver but without the same “benefit”. Fare goes down + commision rate goes up = bleeding on us. We just need a bandage which costs a fraction of the fare.

A 5* Rating and a tip don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I believe it has a lot to do with personality and fun that you give with the ride. I also try to educate anyone about the app and Uber if need be. I get asked a lot of questions about Uber in general. I am always honest and real. Just be yourself always. I can get on anyone’s level at at anytime. I have a 4.95 rating after 250 rides!

Unfair!? You didn’t know this was a cashless system when you signed up? You can always drive a taxi and pay $3k to the company and get tips. If you are that kind of person, a taxi driver type that is, then maybe that’s what you deserve.

Have you talked to most riders? Please…enlighten us as just oh many riders you have actually educated on this subject and how they all responded.

If you were in the San Francisco Bay Area, try to carry a heavy luggage or grocery bags for a rider and get no tip, how is it going to hurt your dedication to this job?