This was pretty strange..wonder what this was all about #perplexed #obs lol


(Peter Nelson) #1

Apparently this happened today at the Kroger on Moreland near Custer. It was posted on NextDoor and apparently it has been discussed on Reddit. To my knowledge, no details as to who, what or why have been provided. I am posting here because I know a lot of rideshare drivers have dashcams and it could be one of us. 2017_0605_123250_678 - Streamable

(Harold Young) #2

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I wish a Mother Fucker would…He would be up underneath the Chystler 300 Probably drug Addiction coupled with mentally heath issues.

(Dennis Scott) #3

You can believe whatever the hell you want to believe. It’s not that crazy, ever hear of the knock out game?

Whatevs. I’m just updating the thread.

(Allicia Lopez) #4

More reason dude could have been having a mental or drug induced episode. It’s all kinds of drug addicts and mental health cases in that area. Walking up and down Moreland.

(Jerry Hall) #5

I agree with you. I live in the area and the incidents of drug related assaults are escalating. A few weeks ago a lady was randomly approached by an enraged woman she had never met who cursed her out and kicked her dog. I think there are some bad drugs going around. (As if there is “good” heroin, but you get my drift.)

(Timothy Clark) #6

Exactly. I see it all the time. Vagrants arguing vehemently with themselves or invisible people around them or they direct their anger at the something or someone that triggers them. You never know what’s going on in their minds.

(Harris Frank) #7

You’re right I believe whatever the hell I want to all I’m saying is there is two sides to every story! Calm ya nerves … I’m just glad she’s okay! His face is all over the news now so they will get him but in essence I have heard of the knock knock but I’ve also seen people make up false stories for the hell of it to! AGAIN I’m glad she’s okay. :v:t5:

(Eric Moore) #8

God. I’m so glad this wasn’t me… bang bang ran his ass down twice. Robbed him and acted distraught until the police came… got to get my insuranice to pay for this shit.

(Jill Aron) #9

Moreland ave is crazy anybody can be a target the man looked like he was high on drugs from the pic news lady showed up close always crazy on moreland at kroger

(Jose Hernandez) #10

Well would you look at that. A mental facility. So much for there being more to this story lol So many left unthought of and cared for to fend for themselves in their battles with mental illness. Sad stuff.

(Anderson Lee) #11

I guess that is the “more” to the story. The real crime here isn’t the smashed windshield, it’s the lack of adequate mental health care in this country.