This town is crazy!

While driving with a Lyft rider in my car this douchebag cut me off while approaching a stop sign. I beeped my horn, they put their car in reverse and bumped my car. Of course they took off. I chased them down as the rider called the police. I lost them because I didn’t want to drive too crazy with the passenger in the car. I did get this picture before losing them.

At least your passenger was proactive in this. They will get him and he will find out how much fun hit and runs really are. Kudos to your passenger

Just put a note on his car in his driveway. Lol.
“You cut me off THEN backed into me, asshole. I would advise against doing that again.” Freak him out for real… haha

He doesn’t even care about his own car or it was someone else driving. Doesn’t seem very smart to do that. My luck the guy or girl would get out and shoot me

Looks like a prius. I wouldn’t worry about getting a shot. Maybe a lecture on why you’re driving that gas guzzling earth polluter lol

Next time someone parks like an idiot, I’m gonna put a note on their car with their address and say DO IT AGAIN IF YOU WANT LOL

Ok now someone needs a Anonymous fb account with that scary mask and tell him to stop bumping cars at stop signs! Lol

Holla at me if you need a goon squad bro. They do goon shit on the low…If you not hip to street slang disregard this message!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I can’t tell you where I got the info but the owner of the vehicle is:


it’s a 2016 Toyota Prius

He owns it outright no Lien holder.

what you should do is just write a letter mail it to him without your name or address and just thank him for allowing him to provide you with his License Plate when he backed into you. Let him know you’re contacting the authorities. Also say in it that you have his address and know where he lives and for him to keep an eye out. LOL.

Let him shit bricks for a while.

*** but don’t really do anything.

Honking can be considered inciting road rage, but not in this particular instance. The point of the horn is to alert drivers around you of your presence, like when they pull out in front of you and evasive action needs to be taken.

According to my cop friend, she said she’s not sure about it being considered inciting road rage, but can be considered improper use of your horn. Which is still ridiculous, either way.

Duuuuudes…we’re bad ass. We definitely need a kick ass vigilante squad name. Great job!

Oh, and if you hear any complaints about a crazy Uber driver in Med Center nearly running over people and cutting people off…that was me. I had a PAX running late for a transplant and time was of the essence

Was he being transplanted or was on the team?? I know something about it. If he was on the team he was needed there yesterday. If he was the patient there is testing to still be done :confused:

I don’t know where he took me…and it was near a parking garage. All I do know is he loved my badass maneuvers.

Wow! Don’t be an ass of a driver, you could cross paths with an Uber/Lyft driver. We can pop you out of your hole in the wall and EXPOSE you :wink:

Report him as a hit and run. Because you have a witness, he’ll most likely get investigated or a cop will call/visit him.