This room is full of cry babies wow

I have to post this. All complaining if you don’t like it go get a job that you will have to show up on time and have to deal with a boss. Be happy to have the luxury of working when you want too. Also it being so easy to earn money. I’m not looking to argue with anyone this post was just for certain people to wake up we don’t wanna hear you complain non stop. Everyone have a great day and be safe.

If you don’t like people expressing their experience with uber honestly feel free to leave the group. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Have a nice day!

He is right everything is negative. Shut your apps off and they will have to make changes. Take a monday and nobody work let them here us !!!

There is a shock someone coming at me. Like I said not looking to argue if you wanna live in a world full of negativity crap then I guess you don’t have a problem with people non stop complaining.

Usually when people complain this much about there job they quit. So do us a favor everyone who complains go get another job.

How predictable the people who love complaining is going to argue with this post to justify that complaining 24/7 is ok haha.

I’m here complaining every day and I make 300 to 350 every day. but i learned something about complain, I learn experience, I learn from the other side I can hear other advise so I’m not here to work as a slave and then pretend tha the live perfect. If you are perfect great I’m happy for you.

Probably just a typical ant driving the max hours daily in shithole areas no one else wants to drive

Nyc has over 100k plus drivers vs millions of people who use rideshare with 4 different companies…if your pals are struggling they’re doing something wrong

I have not seen you lately in posts/comments… Hope all is well… You have not had issues lately with the app/getting rides? Everyone else including myself seem to have issues since the new year, how about you?

Yall do cry an awful lot in here. Every post is a complaint. I taught myself overlook the negativity. This page makes me feel like im sitting in the middle of a strike lol…

This is a group for drivers.

Any driver who feels the need to bitch, moan and complain is free to do so in this group.

The funny thing is the drivers driving for pennies are worse than Uber/Lyft constantly screwing drivers

Don’t understand NJ drivers hating on TLC drivers when technically 90% of NJ drivers still can’t tell there personal insurance companies they do rideshare…

I have a suggestion if your “driving for pennies” and not making any money?! DON’T Drive! Why would you accept low fares only to break even or worse lose money? If it’s slow take time off and go do something else till it picks up again.