This makes you want to lose hope in humanity

I have been driving for a year. Yesterday I had one of my worst experience and I just need to share and vent. I just don’t know how people can be so mean.

I picked up a passenger and her boyfriend from Novi and went to Northville. They came out real late but apologized which was fine. Then on my the guy asks if we can go pick up their friend and it’s only like a 1000 feet. I said ok. When we get there. The guys inside the house and 5 minutes later comes back with a dog. Does not ask me and just gets in the car with the dog.

I asked the guy politely that dogs aren’t allowed and is this what he means by friend. He says yes this is our little friend and he will be quiet. I have children who are allergic to dogs and I didn’t want the dog in my car especially after he lied to me.

Attitude changed immiediately yelling and cussing. They wouldn’t get out of the car. Then said to end the ride and then they will. I said no. Until they get out of the car. I ended when they did and she saw me give her only a star. They guy was using racial slurs. Foul language and kept following me with the dog in his hands.

I could have been the same way. I opened up my window and said dude I am just trying to make some extra money to my kids. He still was belligerent and kept cussing and threatening me. Ruined my evening and I just went home.

People like this. Sorry I just had to get it out of my system.

even if they were it’s very rare to get a request with a service dog. In almost a year of driving I’ve gotten no service dogs but quite a few pets. Luckily, I’m ok with it. But when you think about it, she doesn’t want to unnecessarily have to clean out her car for a pet that she doesn’t HAVE to take.

they do however that is the law. And besides that I will not hold that against a passenger. Also I have had only one service dog in a year that I have worked

I have had about 4 small dogs to date. Not service dogs, just pets. But we have a dog so I don’t mind. However, I agree with you if your kids have allergies then it is up to you to accept non service dogs. Sorry they were so terribly rude. The dogs I allowed were very small, I might add. I have a dog waterproof seat cover I keep in the back for our dog. If I get a pax with a big dog, I’ll put it on the seat, takes a couple minutes.

The federal law on Service Dogs does not protect those with allergies against Service Dogs. Congress created a mess with the Service Animal laws.

Your Uber passenger simply has to claim the animal is a Service Animal, and you have to take them. If you don’t, and the passenger files a complaint, you are permanently deactivated by Uber. (You may have legal recourse, but you won’t be driving and making money in the meantime.)

Check me on this. There was an airline case where the Service Dog was being seated next to a human with severe allergies. The human had no right to be moved to a different seat. Service Dog trumps human with allergies.

You can’t report racism. Lol. Smh
You can report them for threatening you and for trespassing on your property (car) but I imagine the ride would have to be ended first to be considered trespassing.

There was no transition. He goes from saying the guy told him it was his friend to saying there was belligerence and cussing.

Pet. Service animal.

No biggie.

Chance to get a clean up fee

How did you word it when notifying Uber?

Can’t really take pictures of a “smell”…wonder if there’s a way to show the film it may leave on the windows and seats.

Picture of my seat and 'client was very obviously using marijuana and has left a very strong odor. I said the stench had penetrated the cloth seats and smelled really horrible. Lol

Rule number one of rideshare. When time expires cancel and move on. anyone who takes longer than 5 minutes to get to your car obviously going to be a problem.

Not always. I had a guy text me & say that his friends were running late, & that he understands that I cannot wait forever, but if I wait, he will tip me $10 & give me a 5 star rating. It was kind of a slow night, so I waited(only about 5 minutes past cancellation countdown) I received $8.32 for his ride+$10 tip, & they were very nice pax.

Yeah I had a guy that was late five minutes were up but I’d given him a ride before so I decided to wait ended up being a $45 ride plus tip

I had a bartender"call" me up at the end of his late-night shift. He obviously called thinking it would take about half an hour for a car to show up when in reality I was just a couple of blocks away. I sat in front of the door to the bar while the band loaded their van, then called the PAX. No answer, but the he ran out and said he was “counting his tips” and would be right about in five or ten minutes if i could wait, he’d “take care of me.” So I waited ten minutes, then thirteen. I called again. He sent somebody out to say he was almost done, to give him five more minutes. So I waited seven or eight more minutes (I was new and I’m a very patient guy) and I called AGAIN. Got voicemail again. He comes-out again. Tells me to go ahead and charge him for the trip and he’ll tip me well on it. FINE! The destination was on my way home anyway. Of course, he didn’t tip me. I’ll never wait like that again, no matter what their story.

My friend I’m sorry that happened to you as you don’t deserve that you’re always so nice to your riders but unfortunately there are always a******'s out there that want to ruin you. I would report him and take him off all the Uber accounts that’s what they should do. Again I’m so you had that negative experience​:laughing::laughing::wink::wink:

I’m so sorry that happened to you. Have hope for humanity. After a year you’ve probably driven 100s of people. Most were probably perfectly fine. 1 in 100s is pretty low.

Hopefully that restores some of your hope.