This is why some drivers don't make any money and cry about it

I have been a member for a little bit and can understand why 1. Cancel if the rider not there within 5 minutes because you think you will lose money WTF it looks like you will lose out by canceling be a little understanding you not going to lose any money might even get a tip. 2. You have so many rules in order to ride like no eating no drinking ect. The only rule I have is no smoking and if you going to drink take your garbage with you I’m not a garbage man I get an average of $50 worth of tips a night.

You are absolutely correct sir. My husband is like you, and he gets tips on almost every single ride. Simply put, he’s not a prick, and he’s never had a problem.

I have to agree with this. As a relatively new driver I am not going to be demanding. If they follow the rules I am supposed to go by that’s all that matters to me. That one trip you drive 10 minutes to maybe what makes your whole day. That one person who has a low ratings may be the same person to give you 5 stars and a tip. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution or answer to any of this.

If I can personally talk to them on the phone I will wait because maybe they not ready yet are something come up

I Uber st Ole Miyin Oxford Ms. I let them drink the only rule I have no smoking and take your garbage I’ll let them use a ecig because it dont stink like cigarettes but you can’t reframe from smoking then you need to walk. I won’t let my wife smoke in my car.

My hubby even lets them smoke as long as they use the ashtray and keep the window down. But I work in mortuary services so we have stuff to easily rectify it if needed before another pax.

With smoker-friendly implements like in-console lighters and ashtrays seemingly disappearing into thin air, we at got to wondering how many auto manufacturers offered car ashtrays and smoking accessories as standard or optional features. Turns out — if you’re willing to buck up the extra cash — a lot. If you want a car with a lighter and ashtray for the front, and in many cases even a rear ashtray, you can find it on nearly 700 model-year 2015 vehicles from nearly two dozen automakers, according to a inventory search. If all you need is an ashtray, whether it be factory-installed or a dealer add-on, you can still get one on more than 4,000 models from nearly three dozen automakers. In many instances, though, drivers have to pay up for the ashtray option.…/smokers-can-still-find-respite…/

He works in a big city with decent tourism. I"m sure its exaggerated a little but not much. Its easy for those to judge others when every market is so different. I pick up poor people from the projects that use it daily. Not bitching but it is what it is. I’d be more patient in that area to esp if at a hotel.

I have never said no to a pax. I have never had anyone try to smoke. Bring your coffee! You want to eat I have a garbage sack in the car, just use it! You want to sit in front go ahead! Just no puking (I have bags for that) and no mustard on the seats (that shit will never come out), nothing illegal I guess is my only rule. I do ok moneywise.

You realize you’ve posted your weekly earnings in the past and you’ve come no were near 50.00 a day in tips.

I just see these people complaining they not making any money then in next sentence have all these rules I just SMH

Some of my best rides have been when I’ve patiently waited beyond the cancellation time.

Me too. It’s a crap shoot, but when I was driving you got paid 5 bucks if they didn’t show up in 5 minutes.

When it’s slow I have no issue waiting. Especially when they’re polite and request a stop along the way, I usually get a nice tip.

It might not be profitable to cancel a ride as a no show after five minutes. But it is the only way to teach douche bag riders to be considerate. And that is why I usually cancel after five minutes. If I don’t see the rider walking toward my car after two minutes they lose at least one star from their rating. I bust my buns to pick up riders in a timely fashion. And there is no excuse for them not to be ready. If they are not close to being ready they should not request a ride. It is very simple.

No, I am not their teacher. But that does not mean that I can not teach them a lesson about punctuality. Am I supposed to wait all day for inconsiderate riders? We get paid peanuts for wait time. I do not enjoy waiting for riders. It is not time well spent.

If they haven’t learned the lesson of timeliness from life itself you cannot teach it to them. No one waits all day lol. But the ten minutes spent driving away to find another client, burning gas, is a waste.

You can smoke, eat, bring ur stinky ass dog or funky ass cat idc just bring me the money I mean as long you’re not fucking anything up we good