This is why I never start the ride until we have all agreed on the terms

I no longer take passengers who show up all smiles with red solo cups full of booze, they might cheerfully offer to dump, but in the end they rate you down. Incoherently drunk is a pass too. I know a lot of folks say text the rider, not me I always call, if the can’t put an intelligible sentence together I’m out of there.

Fact is you go in ripping all over others you will find that you are met with the same energies you put out there. I would say any hostility made towards me could have easily been spurred on by how I may have treated others. Or got dragged into a completely ridiculous conversation with an equally ridiculous individual.

lI think they’ll eventually warm up to your posts. I think the duggles is just going thru an adjustment phase of uber. Someone posted something earlier that I liked, I forgot which one. If you are persist (being professional an all) at emailing the csrs, better chance of getting something accomplished. Sometimes that’s what it takes is persistence.

In the past 15 weeks I have received only 5-star ratings, with the exception of a single 3-star. That happened right after I got into a curbside argument with a drunken bloke who wanted to cram five riders into my car that has four passenger safety belts available.

I don’t need to waste time belittling others, those others make an ass out of themselves just like you did with all the hoopla you made with this whole rating situation. All you did was try to get everyones attention, like a neglected child.

I believe there should be some way the driver is able to see what the rider rates him/her and be able to dispute it if such was cast unjustifiably. What riders don’t understand about the one to five star Uber rating system is that average being a 3, is not acceptable as far as Uber is concerned. Nor 4 for that matter.

Man you are comedy and delerious. I’m not the least bit defensive. I would have let you tell your fairy tale but you called me out along with some others so i’m going to voice my opinion. Please just tell us all what problem you solved? And when we can all expect the changes to be made. While you’re at it, tell us when a parade in your honor will be held. I’d like to get front row seats.

i dont get it , what is the big deal removing a rating if their was a incident or in my case 1 incoherent drunk i reported who couldnt tell me where he lived then flipped out so i left him and another one i started the ride instead of a no show. i kept getting the sorry we cant reveal for privacy or change anything response several times till i quit trying.

you would think , hey driver reported this guy as a serious concern maybe his rating shouldnt count. that would be less work then 4 emails back and forth. also the no show i started the trip by mistake texted me that he will give me a bad rating.

The firm that I’m currently contracting with will send no written copy out to the public domain without me first doing final edits. An IT guy doing final edits. Who’d o’ thunk it?

There are more than a few bad ratings that I definitely didn’t deserve but I got anyway should also be removed. If they do it for you, they shoul do it for everyone.

The Australian version of that joke is a little different. We have a lovable little Animal called a Wombat. Solid four-legged dog-sized thing that digs around for roots, shoots and leaves.

Well if there’s one thing I appreciate about the uber rating system, is that as a cab driver I can make fun of it all I want. I love it on occasion when I get an irate pax (whose grown accustomed to being an uber pax) threatens to one star me, forgetting that it’s not uber he/shes riding in.

Driving for Uber is a business. Activities which generate revenue are worth dedicating significant amounts of time to. Activities which do not generate revenue are not worth dedicating significant amounts of time to.

I have a 2013 SUV, I drive only Select and XL, I was sitting on the porch one day enjoying some fine water melon, and got a XL @ 2.2x 3 min away, so I went to get it, a high school girl gets in, I asked her are you by yourself, yes, so I say Ok let’s ride. I take her about 3 miles, she says thank you this is the nicest Uber I have ever ridden in and thanks me for the ride.