This is why I don't do V(very)I(impatient)P(person)

Picked up a VIP just to get the $15 promo. I had 14 minutes left… her ride was 2 miles and she wanted to stop at a store, she gave me 1 star and flagged me for cleanliness/car smell. She even told me when she got mad at the traffic light that she doesn’t give good ratings because drivers don’t try to get around traffic. Haha. So, I trade a point on my ratings for $15.

the option is still there to attempt. Idk how that was rude taking a screenshot and posting it. Truth hurts get over it

try it out. Go change someone’s rating after the ride and get back to us. Have you done it recently since they changed that policy? I have. I got a bunch of runaround from them.

I was more intrigued by him telling me that I don’t know. I wonder if he’s tried it yet. Kind of douchy to say a thing like that and not be able to back it up.

I tried to change a rating I went back and forth for days on their uber support messages and nothing happened. I gave up, it’s impossible to get anywhere with them.

Reported her as rude and asked not to be paired again. I have picked her up before, and she wasn’t a VIP then. I live in an area where most of my riders are repeat riders.

I’m not sure. Nurse or something maybe. Glad I won’t have to deal with her again though. Hope my fellow drivers report the rude people like this too

I got this VIP ride tonight and went home after I saw the 10.00 tip because I thought the world was ending since something so freakishly strange happened

I usually don’t pick them up, but I was just a ride away from the promo, and 14 minutes left. I know most VIPs only go a few miles, so trying to use my best shot at getting promo, and no lie, I ended ride early just to make sure I didn’t go over the 630 cut off. I wasn’t sure how the timing works, but… I wasnt missing out on the money after she was so rude

As long as you start the trip before 6:30 it’s good.
I don’t mind VIP trips. I’ve been tipped 2.00 occasionally by them…10.00 was a miracle.

I wasn’t sure how the time was, usually I get the promo early, but I had a long trip as my 2nd ride on the promo,so. I had to scramble. I got it, no biggie, but sucks it cost me a point on my rating, they dropped from 4.91 to 4.9

Once she mentioned not giving good ratings, that bitch would have been the hell out of my car.

“Trip is over. You have three seconds to get out of my car before I call the police.”

I got 1 star on Uber and can’t figure out who did it it was a damn good day and I got reported some how on Lyft I only had one trip with Lyft today I was at 4.92 now 4.91 Uber Lyft I was 4.78 now 4.76. Fk can’t please everyone I guess

VIP=Does not own a car. It’s literally someone who uses uber for all their transportation needs. Tell her if she didn’t fart like a cow your car wouldn’t smell like a back yard shit house.