This is starting to feel pointless to me

Can no longer drive for Uber (dont ask, account/last rental issue) and I am barely making $70 a day driving 8 hours a day for Lyft.

Still need suggestions…
And before anyone tells me to go find a different job. I have been looking since day 1 of working for Uber/Lyft lol. No one is responding to my applications.

Bar hours, work the prime times and hot spots.
Get Uzurv and tell people About it to get regulars
If people get off work and they say they use use Uber/lyft all time to commute all the time abuse it and be there when they clock out.

Make it work for you

How much are you paying per week on the rental?

If you’re driving 8 hours per day, then you need to max out. 12 hrs

At the very least you need to be driving more, take everything you can get.

Use the rider app to spot other cars

There are hundreds of drivers in any given area. People keep recruiting and lying about earning to get that commish. All the while taking money from everyone’s pocket including their own. You can’t do this full time anymore. I’m a stay at home dad. I drive till I make $150 a week and I’m done. That pays for extras that i want that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to put In our budget. I’m sorry some people lied to you and said you can do it full time. It’s not worth it.

Change your job search. What positions are you qualified for? As in 2 years experience recently on your resume.

Graphic Design (on/off since 2000, I have my AA). Truck Driving (have cdl, kinda… long story), Security (ps and guard card)… on and off since 2004.

Why on and off? Which one were you just let go from?

These days AA only counts if it’s a terminal degree like nursing, and hospitals are preferring bachelor’s degree nurses. So you’d have to finish the BS in graphic design if wanting that. Security seems least time consuming to get back into.

You’re in San Diego and you can’t get 65 rides a week ? When I need lots of rides I go near colleges and when I need more miles I go 12-15 miles outside of downtown.

Potential employers now check applicants social media pages…try putting some positive stuff on your pages. Your Facebook profile is full of negativity.

Best drivers seem to drive
4am or 5am to 10am ,
take a break, sleep etc
and then drive 3pm to 7pm
…you’re driving when people have NO CHOICE , they NEED to get to school or work and then they
NEED to get home…