This is ridiculous all these drivers giving free drinks gum..and they don't tip in return

Rider gets on shortly after asks for water reply no water is available then wants gum reply again no gum or water uber doesn’t reimburse for that type of stuff and they keep huge percentage of what you payed 36%… but there’s a lunch truck catering just ahead you can quickly grab in 2 minutes your water and gum… she declined stating uber is supposed to have drinks and gum…

Each driver can do what they want. I provide water full well knowing I don’t get reimbursed for it. Just my style I guess. It’s not bad.

you have a point. After all it is your car. Have fun doing charity work for free…but do know not all of us work for free…

I don’t mean to be mean but, if I want to provide water I will provide water… I’ve gotten extra tips just because I have water. It makes people HAPPY.

also provide gum and water. Good for you. And to the post, while it’s true Uber doesn’t reimburse you for those items, gum, water and other amenities are tax deductible at the end of the year.

I provide a clean car, a safe ride.
I have never been asked for candy or water in one year of driving.

Uber is creating a clientele that is cheap and ungrateful! And I bet they wouldn’t even tip if u gave them gum or water.

Exactly! Always educate stupid, entitled PAX about that shit and blame Uber and Lyft for putting that expectation in everyone’s heads! :unamused: More and more PAX are now starting off really interested in our Cargo box goodies but when they find out that they have to go to the website to order the free items, they’re too lazy to do it! Blows my mind how these idiots expect full-size snacks from rideshare drivers as if they paid a limo ride price!

I bought a case of full sized water bottles when I first started. I think a total of 3 people took one. Stopped wasting my time. I’ve never had anyone ask for a water or demand one.

How silly to provide this shit…all they do is leave the trash on ur car, then complain to offer this takes up leg room…also is a bad distraction when u have parents with kids…uber-x I say no, uber- xl I understand

Well my thirsty riders appericated it and tipped well. I’m like ultra friendly too so IDK…
Defiently not because my clean vehicle

I never wasted my money on things like that, these riders dont deserve it, especially since theyll happily take it and then try and scam a free ride after… Los angeles California people are ungrateful never give tip for water or gum

Well it’s not a bad idea to get water and gum, most of the time i have water and i have cargo box, but when i give water or cargo i get good tips.
It’s not necessarily to provide those things, but it’s good to have for good passengers.
Last night i had a passenger and i had a coffee candy, and he asked if he can have one, i gave him 2 pc, then he left a tip $17

I used to give out monster red bull rock star pepsi coke and starbuck frapps and bottle water. Its a tax write off some passenger took advantage and some did not.

Everything is 100% tax write off. Your car payment, your insurance, the maintaince, the oil changes,your gas you buy, I keep all my receipt for fuel purchase and the food you buy on the job.

yes a TAX write off meaning you can deduct the expenses from your income and not have to pay TAXES on that income. You don’t get a 100% REFUND. And why not just deduct miles? It’s a 55 cent deduction per mile and is worth more than deducting all the gas, maintenance and other crap because it includes depreciation.

I actually vehemently hate (still always gave 5stars) riding in Ubers or Lyfts where the drivers are trying too hard, at least with seat organizers with 500 things in them. The signs I put up to get the message across how important 5 star ratings and tips are (haven’t recieved less than 5☆ since which has been 500ish trips, and the tips went up A LOT) then along with water bottles (c’mon yall $2-12 pack) and then a way to charge their phone. The amenities (while in reason) are in my opinion a part of why the PUC taxi services are dying along with the usual reasons.

I didn’t understand why until I became a driver but it still annoys me as a driver when I have to be a pax lol There is a definite difference between genuine drivers wanting to make their pax feel comfortable and ones short of begging their paxs. Had an older (60+) lady driver recently and she offered the water, and told us about the tissues and mints. Then grabbed a bag of candy from next to her and offered that, all the while turned toward us, introducing herself and generally making me feel like I was 8 again riding with one of my friends moms who I hadn’t met before LOL $6 ride, $100 bill for tip.

People are so dumb want stars ratings vs…cash money… pretty stupid and these uber Lyft people insisting on folks to do so… but were is the money? All they doing is making uber Lyft richer…and drivers get poorer

I used to carry candy and water. It barely made a difference gratuity wise. I stopped because I was losing money and my rating isn’t effected good or bad the more ‘service’ I provide. Sad reality. People aren’t conscientious

1 bottle of water in the store costs 1 €, the minimum rate that the customer pays to use Uber is 2.5 €. If there are 4 passengers in the car asking for water, it is cheaper to call Uber to drink water than to go to the store to buy water and still take a ride in Lisbon to drink water.