This is not selfish decision it's for everyone's benefit. Who else feels the same way?

I’m going to tell on myself. When I first started driving I was picking up all requests with kid(s) regardless of if they had car seats or not. It wasn’t intentional, I just was focused on the ride more than safety. But I started becoming more aware I realized what a mistake that was and how fortunate I was that 1) No accidents occurred that could’ve caused severe damage and 2) I was never pulled over by a cop and given a ticket that would’ve affected my income and driving record. Now, no car seat = no ride.

Agree 100% my friend. Never put on jeopardy the life of any child and your freedom.

Just think of the parent’s 180 degree about face who insists “it will be okay, she doesn’t need her car seat/booster for this ride” but then finds out the hard way that small children will become missiles when your vehicle stops suddenly or crashes at speeds as slow as 15 mph. The laws of motion NEVER cease to exist. Those 8 - 50 lb tiny human missles aren’t made of steel. The guardian will then SUE the you, the driver. The law will assess fines, criminal charges and possibly arrest YOU and not the irresponsible child’s guardian. The child is dead or damaged and your life is effectively over.

Me too! Toddlers on laps, car seats on floor od van, underage kids. It’s not spelled out in the TOS clearly…or is it? I couldn’t find it?

No car seat, no ride. It states in the TOS You are required to follow all laws while driving. EVERY state has very strict laws regarding children using seat belts and car seats. I recommend learning your local requirements. They vary from state to state and The fines can be very high and the DRIVER is ticketed, not the “parent” who tells you not to " worry"about it.

That is why some older drivers recommend to get a mentor for newer drivers.
You can’t learn everything from uber help and support team.
There is alot more to it. than just grabbing a steering wheel. And Waiting for a ping

I agree 100% on this subject. No car seat=no ride. Just wondering how taxi’s get away with it. Can’t ever remember seeing a car seat in a taxi.

Q: We are about to go on vacation to Disneyland and are traveling by airplane. Since we do not have a vehicle when we land, we will have to ride in a taxi to get to the park. Do we have to bring our childrens’ carseats on the plane for the taxi ride?

A: Laws in many states exempt taxi cabs from the car seat laws that apply to those driving in regular passenger vehicles. California happens to be one of the states that does not make an exception. Proper safety seats are required there for any child until they are either 6 years old or weigh more than 60 pounds. Regardless, even in the states that exempt taxis, we’re talking about the law, not safety. In terms of safety, children who ride in car seats in cars don’t need them any less just because the car happens to be a taxi. It’s still a moving vehicle (driven by someone you don’t even know) and your children still need the support and protection that car seats offer. If you want to ensure your children are properly restrained in the event of an accident - the reason they’re in those seats in the first place - then you’ll need to bring them with you.

Here in Monterey, California I was told by a police officer that the accompanying parent will be ticketed for any toddler not in a car seat. If the driver transported the toddler without a car seat, the driver will be ticketed. Since rideshare companies don’t permit transporting toddlers without guardian, that issue is moot. Your locality will vary.

The same applies for transporting people when there is not enough seat belts for all passengers. Say you have 4 additional seat belts, you transport 5 people and get in an accident where all passengers were injured. The insurance company will pay for 4 passengers and the driver will be sued by the 5th (unbelted). I never take 5 people in my 4 belt car. I tell them that it’s a $1,100 fine to driver for taking 5. They can write me a $1,100 check that will be returned upon arriving at destination ticketless. Whether they use the belt is their business. Your locality will vary.

I agree. Kids too, I just didn’t know. I live in Plano, TX where everybody think they are a rock star, acting crazy when you tell them no, lol.

I’ve turned down so many rides because this and parents act like they’re clueless. I’ve had parents try to use a carrier without a base too. It’s tough to turn down when you just drove 15 min to get them just to turn them down. The worst are the ones that arrive at the airport with nothing for their kids. Unbelievable!

I wonder if there is an easy to tote car seat on the market that could be carried by Uber or Lyft drivers. I am going to run into this scenario one of these days.

To possibly carry 3 toddlers and 1 adult? Not I. Not unless it’s inflatable. Hey, there’s a thought.