This is how I responded to their asking how satisfied I am with Uber

Dear Uber,
You ask me how satisfied I am with you. If I give you a one star I know you will want to know why. I picked up 2 Freshmen College Students and they began to tell me that there’s a movement to rate all Uber drivers 1 star. This is retaliation to all Uber drivers giving fellow Friends and Classmates 1 stars. This is a national movement. When I heard that from them I gave them a lecture in which they wrote bad things about me. I drive a new Nissan Pathfinder and have over 3,000 passenger rides. Last week I picked up 3 College Students and they all gave me 1 stars. So if you want to know why I rate you the way I do, then tell me why the passengers rate the way they do. You tell me I’m a partner. If so then why are you holding valuable information that may or may not be a better Driver.

I’ve been telling them for years and I still do because I’m always hopeful something may change.
I’m convinced they don’t care. This is an exercise in making you feel better because they hear your grievances. It’s public relations that’s all!

And you’ll still have a segment of drivers in this group that apologize, defend, and stand up for Uber,even in clear cut,black and white instances like what you have described.

When I hear about and see things like this, all it does is reinforce the message of doubling down on Cherry Picking where,when,and what Pax I wish to deal and do business with.

Problem is for every 10,20 drivers that avoid them in a local market there is another 100,200 that are willing to drive them due to being a new driver, a Debbie Doormat, or the Desperate Dave’s going after every $3.64 ride.

I turn my app off anytime im near ASU in Tempe. They are just a bunch of punk ass little entitled brats. Some of them are cool but most of them still have no idea what its like to have to make a living. Bunch of little pricks having mommy and daddy pay for everything

If you rate me 3 stars or lower, without feedback, fuck you. I’m a chef, and I’ve got thick skin. Too afraid to tell me how you feel, long after you’ve left my car? Fuck you. The next 125 riders will rate me 4 or 5, so… I. Don’t. Care. Next!

When a passenger rates a driver a one star, that means they will never be paired with them again. So how long can they rate drivers 1 Stars before they’re unable to get a ride?

okay I just looked it up and apparently only Lyft does that. With Uber you need to actually message them and ask not to be paired

Uber(and Lyft) have the Puppy Mill approach with pumping out new drivers left and right.

There’s a reason both dangle the carrot of encouraging current drivers to sign up as many new drivers as possible with the promise of a bonus.

So for every 5 drivers a pax 1 stars on a Friday evening…there will be 20 new drivers (at least) by Sunday afternoon, in their local markets, that will handle them.

very true - with so many drivers, there’s little chance of any consequences for their bad behavior. And many of those same drivers will allow them to bring open alcohol containers, too many pax, etc. and, sadly, for base fares.

I believe that is only for Lyft. Uber of course does nothing of the side the driver, so they don’t care that drivers are receiving unwarranted 1 stars.

yes I have already received a few 1 stars from the college kids here… I’ve never had any issues or problems and all my rides have went well. So I was shocked to see the low ratings :frowning:

some of the kids think they are better than rideshare drivers because they are in college. It’s a shame they think giving out 1 stars is a movement.

Ive found the best kids to pick up from the college areas are the ones that didnt grow up in this country. They are usually polite and quiet and respectful. Its the american kids that are the worst.

get a unstable driver and tell me that. I was in Law Enforcement 30, I can take and with as many pax rides, not a problem. Uber needs to address this or it will get out of hand. Do away with ratings…the closest one get the ride regardless of rating.

I quit caring about ratings a long time ago. It use to bother me when I first started but I figured as long as I’m driving and making a little bit of money I’m good.

This transcends Rideshare bottom-line these young idiots need a lesson in the Golden Rule. Besides it’s like nobody cares that our ability to drive on the platform depends on a good rating

No one cares about ratings until Mother Uber comes down hard and fast with a deactivation notice.

Then once that’s gotten the drivers attention…magically all of a sudden they care.