This is exactly why I dont get in que unless there's 15 or less drivers there

Aight, so I heard this rumor at bush last night. 7 people got arrested for holding phones this guys got over 30 phones. Also over 1000 people got deactivated by Uber for turning their location off. Any truth to this?

What law prevents someone from having 30 phones?

The answer to this question will tell you that the arrested part is untrue at the very least.

Doesn’t matter who owns them. If there is no reported theft, there is no crime. You could have 30 phones owned by me. If I didn’t report a crime (i.e. theft, etc.) then there is no offense.

They weren’t arrested for owning phones. They were arrested for hacking into the queue and all kinds of federal laws were broken.

Where was the allegation for hacking (or any other crime specifically) stated? Hacking a cell phone, or Uber servers if that were the case, would not be a state crime, that would fall under the federal guidelines. The Texas Cybercrime act (PC 33.022) would not apply in this instance. I can assure you, if the FBI was involved in this, the arrest would have been made after an indictment was handed down, not in the parking lot of IAH.

if they are using the uber app for queue, they simply leave and do lyft and vice versa.

Also, think about if you had a ride in Katy right? You drive straight back and u should be almost next, depending on the wait time.

So what does this guy do when the phone gets an uber ping and the driver is on Lyft trip? Ignore it I guess?

They give the phone with the next ping to whomever drives into the lot or is waiting in the lot. That is why there are people running up and handing off phones to people driving into the queue. That is why they want to be close by one another and block spots. They are in constant communication with each other.

i never go to BUSH because of the stories I read on here. It’s a damn shame we have to even compete with those bastards.

This true but the numbers are a little high from the story than what they probably are. I am not up to date on my laws, but I am pretty sure you can’t be arrested for holding someone’s phone. Maybe since they are making a profit on city property without a permit?

Not that I’m familiar with federal laws, but between the FAA and the FCC, I’m sure it would be deemed suspicious activity to me messing with multiples phones, cell phone jammers, and fake driver accounts (explains why pics and names don’t always match up for drivers. Especially when airline passengers have gone missing, re: HOU post from last week).

If we ever see the Feds, SS, or ICE show up, that will be a fun day at the TNC.

The application process is too easy due to the lack of personal contact between the driver and the company… Uber should start interviewing drivers face to face and offering benefits to make sure they don’t get these weirdos causing these headlines… but then they’d have to consider those drivers as employees, which they are wholeheartedly against. So it all comes down to what’s more important to them… Money or safety? I think we all know the answer to that question

FYI there are so many drivers with fake documents. They use to get approved by Uber because there is never a face to face. If u don’t know better as a passenger… Bam!!! I have a friend driving as a 45 yr old female and she’s 32. She’s been driving almost 2 years

I have 3 phones. One for Uber, One for Lyft, and one for personal use.

I don’t have 30 phones though

Biggest load of BULLSHIT I’ve heard in a long time- but keep telling yourself what your inner fragile self wants to hear.
( some petty fool is going to respond with: “you must be one of them” which in itself is what his fragile inner self so desperately wants to hear so he goes ahead and say it to himself).