This is actually one of the most difficult questions I've had to face

I picked up a guy after a football game from the home of his friend. He could barely make it to my vehicle, couldn’t talk, nodded off intermittently during the fare. Said he was at the game, got hammered, then went to his buddies and drank some more. Figured I was taking him back to his place. Wise move on his part, right?So, I dropped him off, and concerned to see him actually make it to the door. But NO. He goes to a car parked on the street. I thought he might take a piss on the curb or something cause he was so smashed. But NO. He fumbles around in his pocket, pulls out his keys, jumps in the car and drives off. Hmmm? What to do, what to do?

I have no idea why this is an issue, especially when it’s your pax, who was just in your car? It is your job, you know he is drunk and you know he shouldn’t drive and you let him do it. A car near me flipped over on his roof entirely, I have no idea how that is even possible.

Geez, if you think you are a snitch then something will probably happen to someone you know. That’s too bad. Preventing a car accident or death is not being a snitch. You are paid to drive, the pax was in your car. It’s not a big deal to do the right thing. I didn’t say anything but call 911 and let them handle it, not you.

Like I said, IF I were that concerned I’d post at a bar and call in. It’s NOT my job, nor will I snitch to cops for the same reason. Were we that concerned about drunks we’d call the police on every drunk pax for public drunkeness, which is also a crime. And a crime every last one of us overlooks for CASH.

Geez, the difference is your drunk pax was in your car a minute ago and your drunk pax is now driving, drunk. There is nothing after that to discuss. You call 911 and let them handle it. If that is snitching then you have bigger problems and I’m sorry for that.

But lets turn this around a little. What if I was dropping a woman off late at night in a sketchy neighborhood and I get a stacked ping. I wait for her to get in the door but for whatever reason she can’t, comes back to the car and asks me to take her somewhere else. What do you do?

No, I’m assuming that a to kill a person while driving drunk is much more likely than when you are driving a car rather than being publicly intoxicated.

I picked up this drunk dude from a bar/billiard place, he said he’s going to pick up his car at his friend’s house and then drive himself home, he lives approximate 5 miles from his friend’s house. He was obviously drunk as sh*t and I know it can’t be good to have him behind the wheel.

Sorry but snitching is not in my vocabulary. Reporting a drunk driver to the police is your job, when the pax was just in your car. There is no defense or explanation to say otherwise. I hope you get it and call 911 next time. You sound like the guy who wouldn’t snitch on his sister’s killer. Nuts.

It’s entirely legal for example for people to make citizens arrests. Are any of you willing to personally STOP a vehicle by blocking them with your vehicle, making them STOP drunk driving and wait for the police.

Knowingly delivering an intoxicated driver to his or her car is like handing a loaded gun to a small child. I won’t do it. I’ll pull over and we’ll have a chat. If we’re already at or near their car, I’ll offer a free ride somewhere else (Cancel after reaching the destination). If nothing else works, I’ll tell them they’ve left me no choice other than to call 911.

It’s nice that you wait for your pax, especially a woman. You ended the trip already, I would offer to take her somewhere, using the app although I can’t imagine why she couldn’t get in. I’d probably help her out first and then decide if she needs another trip.

Never have a chat with a drunk pax. You let them out and when they get to their car call 911. Never interact with a pax who is probably not going to agree with you. You always need to de-escalate the situation, let them out.

Definently a sticky situation to be put in, and one I haven’t come across yet. When does ones moral obligation override the destiny others have set for themselves? All I know is this, if anyone kills/ injures/ destroys anyone or anything while DUI I’m pointing my disgusted finger at the drunk driver and judging no one else.

We are talking about a pax here, if you call 911 then you did everything you can to prevent a situation. Ignoring that fact and getting a ping instead or not being a snitch is going to haunt you if something happens, that was your pax and you did know he was too drunk to drive.