This is about taking customers to drive throughs,not a concern about the drivers dietary habits

I did one last night, first stop car park so he could drop off tickets to his mates, followed by the customary 10 minute " catch up", then a fast food run… then he tries eating his burger in the car, but I asked him not to. Gets out and leaves greasy hand marks all over the door. 40 minutes. Grrrrr

He did want me to wait while he ordered indian food to go, but when I mentioned I would have to end the ride he settled for drive through instead, no way im having curry in the car.

You are such a Uber shill.:rolleyes:

What percentage of “fast food runs” are paying the driver $20 an hour for whatever portion of that hour he is sitting in a drive through lane? 2x surges? How many of those is the usual driver seeing. None in my county. None.

Usually it’s about 10-15 minutes in the drive thru which the driver will receive less than $2.00. He could have completed THAT trip and already been on his next one in the same time and would be making more money. Then you also have to argue with assh*les about not eating in your car…and explain to your next passenger(s) why your normally clean smelling car now smells like a Tijuana Taxi.

$.20 a minute is $12/hr. not $20/hr.

.20 * 60 = $ 12

Math Fail. Go back to 3rd grade.

You are clearly a pleb.

It’s $0.30/minute in my market, so $18/hour, or $14.40 after commission. My bad.

Still, the point is valid. I’ve sat in drive thrus that have been backed up into the street while on 3X surge at 3 AM. That’s nearly a dollar a minute to sit in a climate controlled car with your choice of music, all while someone is working the busiest/least appealing shift of the week in their minimum wage fast food job. Taco Bell doesn’t surge price and charge $8 for a burrito at 3 AM and give the employees extra cash. We have it good.

You are a despicable, remorseless liar. He said he is in Los Angeles. Uber rate is $0.21 per minute. So he gets $10.08 per hour not $20. Math mistake, yes my a*s, you used to work in insurance and now you can’t add 2+2… And you have shown in other posts that your brain cells are by now so fried that probably you would fail 3rd grade.

Oh, in case others forgot, O’Gorman had to come out of the Uber closet in the past as it was discovered that he is an official “Uber Ambassador” (that is his title in the Uber corporate organization).

Stop posting what amounts to pure and simple Uber propaganda.

I am not an Uber employee. I’m a contract employee for another company, on assignment to Uber working as a brand ambassador at events. Basically I sit at a table and recruit people who come to our tent and ask about Uber. The number of events that are available is low, so I generally get to work maybe once a month. Since they launched in my market in July I’ve worked something like 7 hours. The pay used to be hourly + $5/signup, but now is pure commission, so ambassadors basically get paid the exact same amount as a driver or a passenger who gives out a referral code. The biggest difference is that by being “the face of Uber” at a public event, you get many more referrals than one would by telling their friends or posting their code on Facebook. The money I make in signups at these events is on par with what I’d make while driving. I can’t speak on behalf of other markets, but there was none of that SLOG stuff (using burner phones to request rides from Lyft drivers to recruit them) going on in my market, before or after The Verge article came out.

I don’t see how you have ANY MONEY ubering in Chicago…
Where’s Al Sharpton when you need him? (i hope i am not offending anyone…)

they suck ass but when its drunk chicks the entertainment sometimes makes up for it

once a chick offered a blow job to the drive thru guy for all the ranch dressing packets available. another time a chick started clowning some @@@@@@bag behind us that was revving the engine on his ****ty car annoying the **** out of everyone.

“cool hyundai”

usually they offer to buy me something, so free lunch.

Yeah, the free meal offer seems to be standard, even when it’s a situation where surge is at 3X and the line is 10 cars deep. I don’t think they care about money at that point. I always decline it though, because I once read that spicy food raises the body temperature, and you can’t fall asleep until your temperature returns to normal. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gesture, I’d just rather not eat a couple tacos at 3 AM and then end up being awake until 7 against my will