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I’m not showing off just wanted to share some pix, I’ve been getting tons of compliments by the pax of the inside of my car.
I have the pleather seat covers to prevent liquid damage, stains and bedbugs (well I use spray once a week.) I also have blue lights when I drive at night which look really nice.

The sign my brother gave me have increased my tips and ratings.

Do you find that the interior blue lights help you drive better at night or do they only turn on when a pax opens the door?

I got similar signs in front m back. Before them I got no tips or ratings n now maybe 80 percent rate n 40 percent tip

Tons of compliments on my set up which is bare min mind u. I do not provide water or aux. They have opting to connect to bluetooth. Have chargers n gum, hand sanitizer wipes n liquid sanitizer

Let me add when i use uber or lyft i could care less what that driver has or not. Ur thinking is what exactly runied uber and lyft. Its why we earn .64 mile in avg and not over 2.00. Fool

Its cuz hes clearly not got a clue to nething. N I just read he completely insulted my intelligence cuz of my thinking…I do nothing wrong n he can shove it. Another example loud n clear of a man Acting superior to a woman at the same level. Men suck …or these boys here do haha

Surprisingly as a pax I LOOOOOVE a driver with those extra “amenities” so to say. Was in the city last weekend and my Lyft driver had a similar set up with water, candy, hand sanitizer… all kinds of convenient goodies n that felt so awesome. If I wasn’t at the end of my ride share journey then I’d actually invest in something like this.

I’m anything but a cheap ride nor do I live for “free crap”… I’m a nurse I appreciate the things that matter to me! If a driver has water then I’m taking a bottle bcuz adequate hydration is #1 for me :woman_shrugging:t2: if they have hand sanitizer then I’m rubbing my hands bcuz hand hygiene is next to godliness! If u have candy that will satiate my hunger until I get to my restaurant then I’m taking one!! “Stuff” like that matters! Plus I tip 100% of the time regardless of my experience. It’s not always $10 or $5 but i always make it my duty to give drivers 5 stars and a tip lol sometimes I even leave extra nice comments n badges bcuz I know how hard we work for them. Judging strangers is distasteful, do better

I KNOW I give a majority of 5 star rides but when only 20 out of 55 are rated and then i get 5 that are under 5 stars it pisses me the fuck off because i know i deserve a higher average but people just dont take the time to rate. Im getting my own signs soon

I know this has been said before… but every time we’re not rated it should default to 5 stars.

If someone has a problem they’re more likely to leave a 1* but when ots a normal average 5* ride i don’t think they think its pertinent since that what rides SHOULD be so why should they wasye their time rating.

Not everybody cares enough to rate every experience in their life… their food at the restaurant…
The concert they went to… the mkvie they saw… the ride thwy took… their experience at the bank…


but when you give someone an oppurtunity to point out something wrong or give them an oppurtunity to bitch and complain as easily as hitting a button they’re going to use and abuse it often times.

We don’t get anything extra for javing high stars but we sure as shit will get deactivated for having low stars.

That in and of itself shows that it is built to work against us drivers and they expect or want want us to fail. Its a losers game but it steesses me out.

What ever works for her is —-to​:clap:t3:ta​:clap:t3: lly OK :ok_hand:t3: Pretty sure she has more chances to get a tip… you go girl!

Lyft and Uber should give drivers a Bonus award like Money :moneybag: for keeping a high Star count … but they don’t! So I don’t bother to go out of my way… But you have done a nice job of driving the point across :+1:

I love the haters on this thread. So what if she takes pride in her job? I think she’s what separates the scumbags from the ones who have pride. Its like how some of you douchebags complain if someone asks for a charger or an aux cord. Step your game up,