This is a hard lesson to learn, I won't forget this

Pick up Pax at restaurant. Take her to HEB to get groceries (wait). Took her to Mod Pazza (wait) she didn’t order ahead. Then ill take her home. This trip sucks! I hope she leaves a nice tip for my time and trouble (I doubt it tho). I couldn’t leave because she pre-set all if these trips :frowning:

Hard lesson to learn but yea, you have to be firm and let them know that your aren’t an errand running service and you only make 8 cents per minute. Any time I get one of those, I let them know that it’s one stop and no waiting for groceries, drive through, etc. Take the one star rating and move on. You’re out to make money.

Its supposed to be a 2 minute limit per stop so why isn’t there a cancel button after 2 minutes. Why is it allowing us to sit there for 20 or more minutes. That ain’t right.

Did they ask you first about shopping at HEB first? There are different drivers that can deliver HEB groceries, thats not our job.

I believe there is an option to cancel/end trip, after the first stop…i have seen it. You do not have to wait, i got a 1star from a rider wanting me to go thru the drive thru in my Ford Explorer, i told him no, and he asked why did i accept the trip in the first place, i said, i have to accept all trips…if you or your destination is not okay by me, i have the right to cancel/end trip. He got out slamming my door…
Thats why i never start trip until rider is in car, they mostly tell u b4 you swipe " its a short trip to HEB, Burger King,…" right then and there you can cancel.
I have done a whole one hr shitty run like that, that came to about only 8$…Never Again !!!

she took advantage of you. Sounds like a spoiled Millennial. You know better, you have been doing Uber for a few years.

On the flip side, I once had a guy tip $30 for waiting while he did some grocery shopping. I waited for about 20 minutes while he shopped. He is my highest tipper to this day. It came up to $44 for about 35 minutes total between fare and tips.

It is a roller coaster. You win some, you lose some.

Definitely took advantage of you. You need to tell them that stops added in the app are for pick up and drop off only. You are not required to wait for them to shop. Live and learn…

If I get a 2-stop ride, I take off after their first stop unless. There should be a fee added for 2 stops. Passengers almost always have zero consideration for the driver and almost always won’t tip you for the hassle.