This came from my passengers. Extra charge for AC

My passengers told me they took a Lyft earlier, when they asked the driver if she can turn on the AC she told them their ride only pays for the ride.

If they want the AC on there’s a $5 fee for each person for comfort care. Lmao

I was dying, $5 each for comfort care, who the hell comes up with this shit. :joy::joy::joy: lmao

It’s like flights tickets these day every additional comfort you need to add $$ that’s why you can fly for cheap today but if you add luggage,seat reservation ect price goes up 100/200 lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s why I “pay extra” to fly southwest since just about everything basic is included other than WiFi which was $8

That’s why when you do lines or any airport runs from Luxor/Excalibur/mgm/planet Hollywood is spirit airlines :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I thought about doing that too cause technically they only paying for the trip from A to B…but I never did it cause i dont want my rating to go down :joy: but I joked about it a few times lol

Some drivers say the dumbest shit foreal. How about give good service to everyone you pick up?!?!?Trying to charge for water is already a debate for some. But charging for the A/C??? Are u serious?

I charge $147 for vomit bags, and always let pax know “hey you can pay me $147 cash or get billed $150 by Uber, it’s up to you, you drunk millennial know-it-all prick.”

This post has to be a joke. Charging for A/C is crazy, but maybe they’re pissed gas is up 35% and drive pay per mile and time hasn’t moved a penny…

My son and daughter took a ride from a lady who said the same thing. They had just donated plasma and it was hot as hell…they told me that and I was completely shocked. They 1 starred her.

did they ride with bianchi? holy shit now it makes sense, $5 for ac, $25 for seatbelts., $50 for doors and tires

Hmmm some more ideas to add to my list. I wanna charge rent for charging your phone, but heat and A/C, seat belts and vomit bags. Hmmm Maybe I’ll come up with a “Comfort Package” and charge a flat fee. Just like the Airlines, great idea

Cheap tickets dont tip…lol bor surprised…been thinking of putting a little sticker on the visor…‘if you like the service, 5 stars is great and tips appreciated’

Fucking dumbasses come up with that kinda bullshit. She won’t be onboard for long :poop::poop::poop: customer service skills. The sad part is someone taught her that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

O.o Working AC is a requirement on the platform, I wonder if using it is. And it’s a requirement for public services in Nevada. That chick is going to do this shit to the wrong person and end up in trouble.

using it counts! i had a lyft line ride. first guy didn’t want A/C so when the second guy got it i kept it off since first guy was gonna be dropped off. we dropped him off and other guy asks for the A/C so i turn it on. 20 mins later my account is suspended bc second guy complained that my car was miserably hot and i was told to go get another inspection after i “fix my A/C”

I have had ppl give me money before the ride starts for gas knowing the price went up.
But I keep my ac on for my comfortv

I have my A/C blasting no matter what!! Lol when people get into my car they ask me lower it hahaha! You can see your breathe in my car hahahaha

I do the same thing…I’m not gonna drive around sweating my ass off! I get it ice cold in there, I’ve had people ask me to turn it down when it’s pushing 100 outside lol I don’t play with air conditioning. And with new/newer cars, it barely makes a dent in your mpgs to run the ac