Thinking of my pax and his family safety makes me racist?

Just had to refuse a pax and his family and apparintly im raciest because i wouldn’t let you, ur wife, and two young children ride in my car with absolutely no car seats… if me being worried about ur childrens safety makes me raciest i guess i am. Please file ur complaint because i will repond to it.

Same thing happened to me. I was more concerned than them.

I love that we care more about their kids safety than they do and WE are the assholes

I actually don’t give a shit about their kids. I give a shit about my license, my ability to continue to drive, my insurance going up, getting a ticket because I was negligent and took the ride. Nope, lol. I don’t give a damn about their kids. Mine, now that is another story.

Great job 2 days ago had similar issue i carry car seats costumer didnt want strap child ive told themcant strap him cant take u sorry and cancel ride

I have yet to see a pax report and complain. I anyone aware of any complaints?

I report them. I have got so sick of driving to pick them up and then being screamed at because THEY are careless parents. Last night alone first 3 trips were cancelled due to no car seats.

An Uber just don’t give a damn they say it’s up to you whether you take kids in your car or not with a car seat. And that race card is a piece of shit.

Uber don’t care, you the one get the ticket, you the one has to pay not them. Don’t let get in your car

If people come to your car with small children and no car seats, tell them car seats are a state requirement (if true) and they can take a taxi or the bus if they don’t have them.

Young children are different than toddlers or babies. And a car seat is different than a booster seat.

If you want to get technical… child one was maybe 3 years old. Booster would of been ok but would of prefered a high back booster or 5point. Child 2 no more than a year to 18 months old requires 5 point harness and prefer to be rear facing.