Things that can get you deactivated by Uber/Lyft

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If you are an Uber driver or thinking of becoming one, you have to realize that Uber sets standards and expects all its drivers to meet every standard. They don’t expect every driver to excel on every level, but there are unacceptable levels that will get you deactivated. For most cases once deactivated you will find it very hard if not impossible to return to work with Uber, there are a few exceptions, so pay attention to this article.


It is imperative as a driver to drive safely, not only drives safely but maintain a safe car. While cars are checked annually, Uber does not come and look at them every day. So the first rule is, always drive with care, never drive angry, always maintain a safe and comfortable car and always use very navigational precaution to offer an incident free ride. Remember, passengers will complain to Uber management about bad experiences.


Very low ratings will always disqualify you. These ratings are based on some factors, so the lower they are, the more they represent your incapability on many issues. Having too many issue problems is a red flag, and since Uber does not provide feedback regarding ratings, it is wise to pre-empt any possible low rating by offering a good service. Note: bad navigation will always produce a low rating, so even if you are a rookie, remember to keep your navigational skills and apps on all the time.

Competitional Marketing

Quite a few Uber drivers work for more than one ride-share service, don’t give Uber passengers Lyft referral cards and vice versa. Always make sure you market Uber to every Uber passenger only.You may offer other services such as Airbnb since this does not compete with Uber, but even then, Uber frowns on this.

Free Rides

One of the biggest battles Uber has is with fraud, in this instance, we are talking about meeting guarantees by using fake accounts. A fake account can be yourself as a passenger while you drive, family members and friends. If you try to make more rides just to meet certain guarantees or to show how wonderful you are, then just note, Uber maintains a special unit for investigating and discovering fraudulent activity. This unit uses algorithms to view driving patterns, and when something sticks out, they investigate.

Updating background check

Due to constant changes in state or city regulations, Uber will have to run new background checks on all their drivers in that area. If you didn’t have a criminal record or traffic violation before, and now you do have, you should let Uber know, don’t keep it secret. Once they do a recheck, they will find out, and you will be deactivated. Having a criminal record or traffic violations while being an Uber driver is an unfortunate instance and a hard break on some drivers with thousands of Uber miles.

Cancellation rates

Try not to cancel too many rides, for instance, if you ignore 2-3 ride requests in a row you will be put into “Uber time-out.” Try to keep cancellations below 10% and try not to ignore calls, or checker them so that they are not in a row. If you prefer not to drive, just don’t drive, it’s better for you not to activate Uber app then to activate and decide you want to drink coffee at Starbucks with a friend.

Low ride rates

There is one clause that is unbreakable, as an Uber driver you MUST take at least one ride a month. If you skip this clause, you will be immediately deactivated. Although if you are deactivated due to this reason, it is easier to be reactivated. If you decide to stop driving, perhaps you are going abroad, or you are unfortunately ill, notify Uber, this will put you on hold, which is better than being deactivated.

Anti-Uber Activity

If you work for Uber as a driver, even if there are unsettled issues between you and Uber, never actively talk against them. In fact, this is a tenet in life, never talk bad about the hand that feeds you. Uber will find out if you post negative remarks on social media or if you talk to passengers or other drivers. Talking is bad enough, writing is the worst. Once you write it down and its out there on the internet, you will never be able to remove it.

Having a non-Uber passenger together with an Uber passenger
If you have a personal need to drive someone, don’t activate Uber and add a passenger. If Uber finds out, they will deactivate you immediately. They can find out from passenger complaints or from random Uber representatives that check up on drivers occasionally as passengers.

Cancelling an Airport Ride

One of the most intense times in a person life is arriving on time for a flight. If you accepted an airport ride, you cannot,must not unless dead, cancel it. If you do decide to cancel, you must first make sure another driver can replace you on time. The same goes for pickups from airports, a passenger comes in from a flight, tired, with luggage, rather than take a taxi they get picked up by an Uber car, and guess what, the car cancels! An airport cancellation is an immediate deactivation.

Vehicle Switching

Your vehicle was given Uber certification; you are driving a non-certified car. Remember the first reason we discussed which was safety. Certified cars are safe cars, as far as Uber is concerned. By switching cars, you are defying their first tenet and as such will bring about immediate deactivation. If you have a problem with your car, it is better to wait till it is free for use then to lose your driving account.

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