They offer advertisement

If a rider offered you an advertisement gig (simply putting their business in the back of your car for a real estate investing company to be specific) and paid you $500 every deal they made using your tracking advertisement would you do it? This was offered to me in Houston. Thoughts? I know people in Dallas started doing it

what would be the deciding factor for you?

It’s a great deal for the people advertising on you. They get free advertising and only have to pay based off of what they actually make. No way I would do it

I don’t get your thinking though, it’s a win win for the both, right? You do what you were already doing and sometimes make an extra $500 ? I don’t see where the problem is

How do you verify the deals, with online marketing you can see various metrics that document how affiliates are driving traffic and CTCs, but with this type of marketing in a car, I don’t see how the drivers can measure their success or verify when a deal is made based on their ad.

You talking advertising inside the vehicle? Or outside? I’d be interested in hearing from people who have done this…

used to be against Uber rules to advertise on the vehicle you use for the zuber rides. In Texas. dont know but may want to check. Those that do it risk being deactivated immediately if someone turns them in to Uber

ot legal, you cant pay someone a referral unless you are also an agent.

It’s a scam, bruh :frowning:
Okay here’s the other part. They wrap your car and never pay you. It’s a scam

why do you say that? The person that offered has YouTube videos of the people that got their commission from it. That isn’t what this guy is referring to. Not at all the same thing. The article you posted is basically the classic Nigerian Scam.

I know the company Wrapify out of Cali does it and they pay. They do what my company does but we put ads on trucks. There’s another group around the Boston area run by a younger guy but they’re reputable also. So the groups I know of do pay and conduct normal b biz.

You aren’t reading the reviews I guess? The people giving low ratings are doing that because they aren’t getting campaigns. Wrapify does EXACTLY what my company does but we place ads on trucks so this is my world actually. They’ve had 35,000+ people sign up for their platform to POTENTIALLY get a vinyl wrap ad placed on their car. If they’re guilty of anything it’s likely just not managing expectations well but they disclose everything just fine like they should. With that many people you’re never gonna be able to fill anywhere near that amount of cars…and then complaints I guys will happen. Here’s a favorable rating. We use fleets so we’re dealing with professional drivers, not folks from the general public.

That and it isn’t paying them right or tracking their miles. I read through the reviews, doesn’t fucking matter. It’s a damn scam. I’m done talking to you.

Lol. Ok. Or am I done talking to YOU? They did over 6M in revenue I think last year. On track to double that this year. Avery Dennison has invested $4,500,000 in them. Do you think big companies just invest money like that willy nilly without vetting the company? Puh-leeze. Smells very much like a scam doesn’t it? Get your skeptical ass back on the road and go make some real money, because you’re making too much $ to explore other bona fide ideas.

A vastly superior system would be to sell multiple customers on a monthly rate of 45-75 monthly for a small ad, or rotating ad, on a mobile ad platform placed in the vehicle.

Let the burden rest on the company to determine if the ads are achieving a desired result, as opposed to making the driver prove their ad was successful.

Right, they have some kind of system that will give the ad a specific number and when someone calls then it automatically lets the company know which car did it. The driver actually has to do nothing

Most of the time it’s infinitely easier to just get paid a fair rate per month, per display etc, rather than tied into an actual deal happening if it’s about the ad. But with the referral stuff you can use codes and whatnot, but naturally there will still be holes unfortunately.

I know folks who do these businesses and they just aren’t as effective due to needing a ton of displays to yield a ton of impressions or views. Very difficult for the media company to make a good return. Now, if the media company has a wide range of platforms that’s different and overall can help the general cause. This is the industry I’m in so I’m familiar and know some of these guys and know even more that I’ve never met but we all know of each other.

I advertise local clubs and promoters pretty much anyone that will pay my monthly fee.

I recommend it but it needs to be a monthly amount I usually write a contract with the person I advertise with spelling out how many Passengers I will transport and when the payment is due I usually send them a monthly email with my invoice and screenshot of how many passengers I took between Lyft and Uber I usually will set my limit of passengers at 100.

It’s a monthly amount I make with multiple companies I average 300 to 400 a Month in revenue.

They use a software, when the person sees the add they put the big number like a big number 2 when the automated system asks. This tells the company the car details on where they got the ad from