They just need to be redirected to the raunchy Uber group

Asking for the drivers who actually come here for ride share related material and prefer not to hear about uber smashing the thot lot and unwanted inboxes.

Meeting someone in a respectable manner by coincidence is one thing but if a pax tries to have sex with me I promise I’m not her type… if a driver tries to give me head in the RAA I promise I’m not her type… people in here looking for sex on some thirsty shit. I’m no saint by far but I’m just not thirsty… I got 99 problems… you know the rest.

For respectable people some of what chu see on here Is a bit MUCH but it’s no different from “social media” period. R u gonna get off of it completely??? Then…in the words of my WISE granny, treat it as flour and YOU b the sifter…sift thru and TAKE what is useful and good…THROW THE REST OUT!!!

no im not justifying anything… I’m just saying not every one in the raa or that’s a driver is a thot pocket and not everyone goes out there to get there rocks off

I could be wrong but isn’t badoo a dating site… this is a ride share group … your statement is completely irrelevant to my point… ever heard the saying there is a time and place for everything???

Love can be found under any rock, location don’t justify a person’s personality, humor, or way of life. I meet many successful individuals doing uber and Lyft.

I know but dang. I don’t want the imagery. Every time I see your name now… His zesty self is what I think. Lmao

lol I was trying to do the same I just copied and pasted a joke I saw in another group on the main page I thought it was funny

you could just leave instead of complaining about some new problem you are blowing out of proportion. It is possible to ignore threads if you don’t like them. You don’t have to cry wolf everyday.

I looked back through two months worth of your posts and found no relevant rideshare material. All of your posts have been you complaining about this group, your car being in the shop and you too lazy to go out working and deciding to drink instead. With the occasional is it worth it RAA questions you are asking not answering that sums up your contribution to this group. I’d hate to lose you in this group we really couldn’t go on without you.

I am more entertained from thirsty posts than your whining. If you want to hold this group to a higher standard how about holding yourself and your posts to a higher standard?

apologies, anyways that is correct. I did use private messaging. It is not that it is personal, I was referring to him initially. We good.