These folks need to get their kids out here doing dumb stuff!

If you need gas do not stop on Cascade… my phone was stolen at the bp last year and they may have got the car if I didn’t have the key fob. Some bp customers had a big protest about stopping customers from shopping, lack of security smh ppl was out there with kids and all smh they had both entrances blocked

As soon as I open my gas cover, I lock my car. Depending on where I am, I may lock it, walk around to the gas cover unlock, open gas cover and lock it right back. I don’t play with these fools.

cascade not that bad, i live off cascade. that shit happens anywhere, and everywhere, INCLUDING johns creek (but news choose not to report it)

No cascade is that bad I use to live over there some one broke in my house came my 1yr old bed room window thank God we was out of town but the trash his nursery stole my tv my baby’s toys etc

Exactly, Eric flexing. Lol. I stay irresponsibly leaving my car running in this area. If I did that shit on Cascade I’d be on car number 15 by now.

My uncle (Ex City Counsel President/Fulton County Judge) was carjacked there (BP) several months ago. The owner needs to be mandated to hire security or APD needs to heavily patrol that area!

Yes they rezoned when I was living in country squire. Atlanta PD doesn’t patrol that little piece right after 285 any more it’s confusing as hell. Kind of like east Point and college park I didn’t even know until I called the police one day and they showed up.

I thought this was a “Known Known”, don’t stop down there. Just like when you see too many Confederate Flags in a small town.

I don’t consider it the hood, but those gas stations have a history of being problematic. The Kroger gas station by me in Glenwood Park is the same way.

the real pronunciation is Ka-kade, no “s” and I got pulled over twice going to my friend’s house in the 90’s because they thought I was there to buy crack. My friend’s husband had to tell the dealers up the street to quit whistling every time they saw me. They thought I was there to buy crack, too. Oooh and one time a crack head tried sell me half a bottle of Jovan Musk (cheap perfume) at the Hardee’s drive thru. It was hood, and aside from the sadly rampant crack use, we used to have so much fun.

ya’ll let the media fook with ya’ll, just because they dont report all the marrietta, john creeek, alpharetta crime stats are the same.

They usually have Fulton police posted because there have been a rash on car jackings at the shell and BP. If you been in the A any length of time you should know better… Order a mini vac off Amazon. Half the vacuums in the city don’t work anyway

Anywhere you stop you need to be careful, vigilant and be super alert. Get the hell off of cell phones and have your payment before you get out the car. It’s not that bad on Cascade (I’m born and raised on cascade). The main way people get crimes committed against them is their lack of acknowledgement of surroundings.

And u know exactly where that is right next to the golf range oh yea u in the hood! Don’t be fooled…Ben hill and Fairburn rd stay hot :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

The Kroger in Glenwood Park is surrounded by homes the start in the high $300,000s. Studio rentals run $1,200 a month. Shorty after opening, the Kroger gas station earned the nickname Krojack because of the number of gas pump car jackings. Location is a critical factor. The Cascade stations are close to 285 and 20. The Glenwood Kroger gas station is close to 20 and 75/85. Close highway access and multiple directions can help with a clean get away.

Situational awareness. I have specific areas that I get gas. All that hot shit, getting gas wherever and assuming all the niggas posted up mean you no harm is ultra ignorant and risky. I put nothing past anybody, especially a stranger at a gas station in a “rough” area.

Better get a strap. I don’t go anywhere without mine shiiiiii try me if you want to. This glock got answers. I’ll shoot up my own car shiiiiiii