These cancellations are indeed tracked by Uber

Even though they may not show on the driver trip report. The rider will also see the cancellation in their history.

Please don’t be misled by “advice” claiming that these cancellations will not be actioned on by Uber. Remember, you are fully responsible for actions taken on your account.

Why is Uber not showing it on our trip reports? The rider never sees it. Post a video example to prove what you say is true. Uber may operate illegally contrary to the contract, and you want us not to opt out of arbitration so they only have to pay out $0.30 on the dollar when the lawsuit settles.

So I have the right to decline or cancel a unknown percentage of requests and when I exceed that unknown percentage I may or may not be wait listed. That is intentionally unclear and obtuse information for the purpose of being able to take or not take random punitive action.

If you cannot stop drivers from operating within the legal terms of the contract, you use scare tactics? Proof that riders can see a quick skip, vs a slow cancel. Proof or it ain’t true.

There’s no need to provide onerous proof. Cancellation abuse hurts both riders and drivers alike, and many drivers in certain markets have been waitlisted for cancellation abuse. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for all actions you perform under your account.

Yes, cancellations hurt! They HURT Uber, maybe. The system does NOT register an accept+cancel. There is a delay that the system is not able to detect.

If you don’t want to take a ride, accept it and make no effort to pick up the passenger, Let the passenger cancel it. If they wait more than five minutes to cancel, and most will, you’ll get paid for the cancellation.

This way you are giving the rider a way out. Rider can claim driver never moved and uber can check GPS to verify.

It would be foolish for Uber to send an accept request too quickly. Even without the skipping it could create a false-positive so to speak and prevent the next closest driver from taking the call.

And you can say you were stuck in traffic behind a car accident. You’re assuming that the person would even bother to follow up with Uber. Most people don’t.

There are a few people on my “route” that I don’t ever want to drive again. Since Uber doesn’t care about horrible passengers and continues to connect them with me, even though I have complained and rated them a one, I accept their rides and never pick them up. I have one dumbass that I’ve gotten paid from multiple times.

I see you deleted your post where you showed us the Uber contract which stated that Uber lied about tips. Go ahead and repost that. I love it when you comment on this forum. If you’re trying to let us know what an evil company Uber is, you have succeeded.

Uber is not collecting gratuities from riders for other services. You are paid the fare, minus Uber’s Service Fee. The driver pays the fare. It’s clear there is no gratuity collected.

So where’s the FAQ about passengers who constantly cancel because they’re fishing for a better vehicle. Especially on Uberblack where they’re trying to find an SUV for a cheaper price and I get 4-5 cancels in a row from the same passenger…without reimbursement. How about you Uber shills deal with that.

Rider Cancellation abuse is far worse than driver cancellation abuse. They work the system as good or better than the driver. That being said let drivers be on a even playing field with PAX…that is 5 minutes to cancel “free.”

I had 6 cancellations last night all surges all cancelled…after the suge was removed OR lowered that is. RIDERS work in a group request a ride while the others keep their app open looking for a reduction in the surge.