Theory why Uber lowered their rates


(Laura Lee) #1

If anyone is unaware, Uber lowered their rates not to increase ridership or screw the drivers. They are trying to drive Lyft out of business. Screwing the drivers is just a pleasant extra benefit for them

(Abel) #2

The problem with that theory is that before the company lowered the rates they increased the safe rider fees.

They are now making more per ride then they did before lowering the fees.

The SRF makes this a business that is all about volume.

(Chris Stipe) #3

Government needs to look closer to this shit. I don’t understand how this can be happening in USA? We are getting use as a clutch only.

(Marsha_Smith) #4

I’ve switched exclusively to Lyft. I simply can not AFFORD to drive for Uber under the current conditions

(Jeremy Mwan) #5

Guys look for other jobs and don’t use your car to make this company rich…

(Cody Parker) #6

In many states, it is illegal to sell a product/service for less than what it costs. Maybe we shouyld look into that…?

(Brahim Decker) #7

Uber lowered their rates because they are more worthy than you . You are just a door mat for them

(Garrent George) #8

Honestly, Uber can lower their rates because most of the drivers don’t know how to calculate their earning. This is what we call “the dumbing down of America”

(Christian Odom) #9

It can’t happen. They have too much money to survive.

(Lisa Markee) #10

They screwed me out of my guarantee last week saying I was flagged for suspicious activity and I’ve been trying to resolve it because it’s BS and they are taking forever to respond!

(Jack Dolen) #11

One thing to do is get on Twitter. Tweet to senators, congressmen. People pay attention to Twitter. Flood dickhead travis’s feed until he blocks you but at least just start talking. We need a voice

(Mark Moore) #12

I’m going to only work for Lyft I need the job and will be hopefully be able to afford college. Maybe even try postmate or Grubhub.

(Kelly Hector) #13

Maybe if it gets cheap enough that it hurts if paid or not …
Then maybe if enough did say a day for nothing I e don’t start the trip then they would moan about no % so we loose they loose …

(Bector Ernest) #14

If I started a company and paid good money just say 1000 drivers and I got 1/2 of them drivers to hire more and so on and so on well finally I don’t give a shit how much drivers made as long as I could keep enough dummies driving I’m in the big bucks.

(Melinda Foster) #15

This is just my opinion. Uber is way better than Lyft. Better format when having to pic up riders (no jumping back and forth between apps) surge area notification on your map is better than Lyft and more customer base. I know that uber isn’t paying much now but you get to pick up lots more people than you do with Lyft. I’m retiring my Lyft placard today and replacing it with my LAX access placard :fu:t3: Lyft

(Jonathan Green) #16

Uber - $500 not incl safety fee - 20%=$400
Lyft - $500 not incl safety fee - 20%=$400+avg 15% tips($75}+ 10% bonus for 30 hours($50)=$525

(Peter Nelson) #17

That would explain why lyft lowered their rates after Uber did.