Then this is the best game plan for this type of situation. any thoughts?

So did a pickup at Tonics West Glenn, (West Des Moines, IA) one guy put in the back was very drunk and incoherent, front pax tells me to go around the block and drop him off at Tonics again. Was not happy certainly the pax in the back was passed out by that time. Get him to the destination no one comes out when I knock on House door. Googled emergency room and took him to Methodist er on 6oth in Waukee. They were more than Glad to get him out of the car. Left app on the whole time of course. Haven’t heard anything from Uber, probably won’t. He literally had no coat or jacket. Did give a one star was kinda of pissed, but now thinking what the heck, I was able to help them, so probably won’t one star the next time.

And given your lack of knowledge about his consumption it could also be dangerous to touch them. Sad that our world has come to that.

That’s what I recommend you do with a passed out pax. You don’t want any liability from waking them up or getting them out of your car and you don’t know if it’s safe to leave them alone. I actually won’t take anyone who can’t walk, stay awake or talk coherently unless they are accompanied by someone who really has their shit together (not another person who is only slightly less drunk.)

Wait, did you attempt to wake him at all? You didn’t say you did? People fall asleep
all the time… and more often than not wake up when an attempt is made…

I won’t touch someone who is passed out drunk. You’d be surprised how many of them will wake up swinging. The general rule in bars down here is if they won’t wake up from being yelled at or having a light shone in their face you call EMS.

I never said anything about touching… there are many ways to disturb sleep without touching. Hey buddy, hey buddy… HEEEY BUDDY!!! Turn up the radio… blast the AC… or heat…yell POLICE!! Lol. (Ok that last one probably wouldn’t be smart.) No touching involved in those ideas. I would think at least some form of effort should be made before just driving them to the hospital… and again, maybe he did try… but the post doesn’t say so. Omg… funny thought… spray fart spray… then tell them it was them… roflmao.

oh I know… I didn’t say to post it… if I did it I would tape it for my own personal cheer… lol. And I see you said you did yell at him… I stand corrected then.

Wont one star, next time? :joy::joy: This is why you STOP the EXTREMELY drunk folk from getting in your vehicle FROM JUMP. The (less drunk or sober) friend IS ALWAYS trying to dump their BURDEN onto you. Always REJECT them with ZERO TOLERANCE unless you enjoy playing paramedic or social worker. Those positions PAY MORE than rideshare driving.

Yep. It’s all a set up. They know precisely what to expect from the potential puke zombie and are passing it on to the driver. HELL NO. Not if I can avoid it. Nuh…uhh.

These bastards LITERALLY believe we are CAREGIVERS and NOT rideshare drivers. Pretending to be looking out for their friend. I LOVE calling them out on it. :joy::joy::joy:

You did the Right thing only advice if their too drunk and nobody with them then don’t accept the ride.

I always ask where they’re going first as well 45+ Min Trip then hop in at Select rates I won’t turn down the ride. But that’s just me and my thoughts. Quiet drunks are the best not to worried about throw up unless their aspirating then pull over put them in recovery position and get EMS to them STAT.

I was at Uber hub and they had a video playing of things you need to do while driving Uber.

One policy they have when dealing with a passed out passenger that you can’t wake up is call 911.

Next time, call 911.

In a city, I can see that because you usually have municipal EMS. But out in the country, where I live, it’s all volunteers. You can get to the ER faster in your car than the time it takes for a volunteer to get the call, go to the station, get an ambulance, etc. Every minute counts.

I would call 911 to let them know I was bringing them in, but yeah, even in the city it’s faster to just drive them yourself. But I’d stay on the phone with dispatch in case they started seizing or something and I decided it wasn’t safe to keep driving with them.