The world needs more good gestures

I drove a nice 70’s ish man from the airport to his apartment 30 miles away. He wasn’t staying there, he just needed to get his truck so he could go to his families thanksgiving. when we got there, something told me to wait until he got it started. It was pitch black out in the woods and I told him I would stay until I saw his truck start. (He lived in Florida, so I knew his truck had been sitting in cold Maine temps for a while) Sure enough? Dead battery. I gave him a jump it started in seconds. Just needed 5 more min of my time. I refused a tip. I made $25 on the trip already.

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I have one of the all-in-one things myself by Diehard (charger, air compressor, ac and dc ports, even a light) and it sure is handy. Heavy as a few bricks though. It is more for peace of mind though. AAA exists for a reason; this behavior is above and beyond the expectations for an Uber driver not to mention the added liability.

No way, having worked auto repair I’m not going to risk it. Any pre-existing problem could be pointed at you, or they can blatantly lie - I’ve had people come in with only the ECU working because someone messed up a jump and fried their main fuse box before.

If a driver’s going to do it, $20 is not an unreasonable amount for their time and risk. That’s no more than what a roadside service would charge if you don’t have a membership.

Well most of them don’t use electronics to pop the trunk. It’s just a latch or possibly a button using an attached cable. I’m sure you already tried it though?

The battery was dead. The button did not work. You did give me a idea. I need to rig up a string to that emergency release latch that is located inside the trunk. The said string can be ran up to the front much like some speaker wire.

if you know how to do it, and you can make an extra $20, go ahead. no need for buying extra stuff - you aren’t going to get more than a couple of these unless you live in some godforsaken northern region no need to be in fear of someone suing you. They are asking you for a favor, you are suggesting a tip in return. If their car fries instantly or next week, that is life in the big city.

A word of caution regarding jump starting a Prius- I understand the electronics are very susceptible to expensive damage if the cables are reversed. The Prius does have a convenient under hood access point for jumping, as the auxiliary battery is under the cargo area floor.

Why would you pay for a jump box, drive for free, jump someone for free, then drive somewhere else for free? To hopefully get your pittance of a cancel fee?
If Uber wised up and offered the service at a flat rate PLUS mileage, ok. But we are a ride share service. AAA takes care of the rest.

Look at it this way. The first time something goes wrong, the rider will report you and your “jump start business” to Uber and you’ll be deactivated just like that.

This is a good point here, Uber drivers really aren’t eligible for AAA road service either when working. Right now, tow drivers might overlook this tidbit, but should Uber drivers get the reputation of providing jumps for cheapskate motorists who don’t want to pay the $50/year or retail price for it, this will put a light on Uber partners as ineligible.

I did it the other day, charged 20$ person was grateful even tho car didn’t start. I also pop locks, it’s a good side hussle. with fares so low and being all around town anyway it sa good way to make some extra $. Liability concerns are for cowards with day jobs

Asking an Uber customer for cash money for service is a big no-no, particularly as you are proposing cutting Uber out of the loop for a taste of the $20. In addition to possible problems with road service professionals out there, you could get deactivated for this.

My wife and I run a roadside assistance business with motor club contracts and plenty of cash business. Some cars are tricky. Some cars are poorly maintained. Some people are looking for a quick buck from a lawsuit. If you can navigate that go for it.

$20 is a fair price for that service. you’re so used to being abused by uber you now feel guilty even to be paid fairly. Lol, the irony.

I actually have this problem right now, my Prius battery has been acting up for a couple months, I think the ground cable needs to be cleaned and reattached. I could call AAA for a jump again but since I have a couple other cars I decided to just take everything apart tomorrow. Since the battery isn’t working I can’t start car, lock the doors or open the rear door where the battery is located.

Great point Christian! That has been my advise all along. If you want higher ratings & tips start providing world class customer service! Being sincere, considerate, friendly, thankful, and attentive goes a long way to higher ratings and more tips. It was fantastic that you refused the tip because it showed genuine sincerity and not just some Uber driver fishing for tips. Great world class customer service!

I think most of us have gone out of our way to do nice things. I know I have.