The UberLux Car Parade: Rolls Royce, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Ghibli, Benz S, Audi 8

Uber had UberBlack as its primary service, but now it has introduced UberLux, similar to Lyft's Lux service. UberLux is Uber's "most stylish" service, as their site states. It is the highest car standard, models no older than 5 years, they can come in any color, and will only take up to four passengers. UberLux cars are all driven by Uber's top professional drivers. Prices are according to the level of style, so this is not for the average ride.

Here is a list of seven UberLux cars that you can choose to ride in, although you will have to check out what car is available in your city since this is a "by city" service.

Rolls Royce

What can we add that has not already been said about this world-famous car? Luxury; naturally, power; of course, comfort; duh! This car comes with a number models, but the UberLux models are all four doors. All Rolls Royce's are handmade to customer specifications; this means that all cars are unique, so one ride is not the same as another, but all rides are equally as impressive. Riding up with this car means you want to leave an impression. This is the perfect car for a wedding and special occasions.

Porsche Cayenne

While Porsche calls their Cayenne the 5-door luxury family sedan or the sports car for the family. The Cayenne is as usual from Porsche a monster of an engine attached to four wheels. The Cayenne's acceleration is as impressive as its luxury and this beautiful sports SUV comes with five Bose speakers in every seat, so you feel the music as well as hear it.

Maserati Ghibli

This unique icon of power and luxury comes from leading Italian car factory, Maserati and has been in one shape or form on the roads since the 1960's. The Ghibli is Maserati's grand tour model and comes with all the latest power, speed and comfort features that drivers have come accustomed to with this car. The Ghibli comes in two sub-models, the GranLusso and the GranSport, the GranLusso is as its name suggests a Grand Luxury model concentrating on comfort, while the Grand Sports models concentrate on power, but both provide power and comfort together. The eye turner is the sound of the engine and that unique trident logo.

Mercedes Benz S Class

Perhaps one of the most impressive luxury sedans on the market, the Mercedes Benz S650 – Maybach is Mercedes Benz's top of the line car, and they have been perfecting this model since 1972. The cars come with many interesting features including AppleCar and Android Auto-enabled media centers as well as hand-stitched leather interiors.

Audi 8

This amazing vehicle, the model 8 has been on the road in one form or another since 1994. The new 2017 8 series is perhaps one of the most advanced technological cars on the road with many futuristic features that do not compromise, in fact, they add to the overall comfort and driving experience. The car comes with an impressive built in a media system that allows executives to get a lot of their work done during the ride to work or meetings. The A8 is an impressive car, so when you want to make a statement of the successful business, this would be a very good solution.

Range Rover

This rugged British import offers all the power and experience of a 4x4 terrain vehicle with the comfort of a plush sedan. Range Rover provides over 45 years of luxury off-road driving experience in designing and developing off-road vehicles. The model comes in a number of makes, and you can find the simpler versions in UberXL, the one you will receive in UberLux will be the top of the range and extremely enjoyable.

Tesla Model S

Tesla's all-electric car has a number of interesting features including an upgraded climate control system are virtually a bioweapon defense system and a ludicrous mode that enables the car to accelerate from 0-100KPH (60mph) in 2.28 seconds. Add to this the superb comfort and absolute silence of the engine, and you are in for an experience that will take your preference from gasoline cars to electric cars in just one ride.


If you are an executive out to make an impression, a start-up seeking a wow-factor or a family seeking a solution for a wedding or other occasion, or if you are just into having a fun ride occasionally, then UberLux is the perfect solution. Before you decide to select the UberLux of your dreams, first check out what is available in your city.