The Uber email support is such a joke

I receive an Uber Select ping at the airport , I call the pax like I always do on airport pickups to confirm they’re where they are suppose to be . The guy answers and says he didn’t request a ride and his account must be hacked;. I told him that I would flag his account for him ( I wasn’t planning on it and I don’t even know how to lol but I thought he was car shopping) , the ride then cancels and then I get the same request 2 more times and they both cancel . Obviously I think he is just looking for a different type of car . So I go into trip history and see all 3 cancelled requests have a different destination and not even that close to each other . So I write to support on one of them and tell them what happens.I get an automated response saying “they understand that cancels can be frustrated but the cancel happened within 5 minutes so they can’t give me a cancel fee”

I’ve done over 900 rides and not once has a passenger tried to reduce or cancel the fare. On occasion the app doesn’t properly record the trip so I contact support and they immediately fix the problem.

What about the missing amount from your next paycheck, that customer paid more and/or tipped you more than what you think? You don’t know the real transactions between the company you work for and the customers who makes the payments to them.

If you have cancel fees in your market (we don’t anymore) and you get more than one cancel from the same pax and the time altogether totals more than 5 minutes you can get the fee if you push it with the CSR. It’s never automatic though, and usually you have to point out the total time has added up.

I know that I make 10 rides today and the total earnings was $111.79. And that gets added to my weekly total. If Uber were reducing my pay after the fact I’d know it.

How many times have you caught Uber reducing or canceling one of your fares? Has this happened to you once? Twice? Many times? And how did you discover it?

Let me rephrase my question. You said you’ve discovered your fares reduced or canceled “many times.” I want to know how you discovered “many times” that your fare was reduced or canceled. That’s all.

I had rides just disappear before from my list. When it’s gotten busy and I have rides that need to be adjusted I’ll write them down on a piece of paper. One time I had three rides and and in order 1,2,3 and for some reason when I went to talk to them about adjusting ride number 2 there was no advance that it happened and support was completely useless.

So I do try harder to keep records of my rides especially on cancelled rides those sometimes just go away and I have to email them on it and by having the screen shot you have the proof right in front of you.

Uber/Lyft forecast their additional revenue based on drivers lack of attention. They know how busy and incapable most of the drivers are when it comes to keep records of their rides.

i have seen it happen multiple times. i have also seen many others gere have the same exact issue. what is your motive to stir up an argument here? whats it to you?

Well have you ever had a $20.00 fare and you come back and look at it a few days later and it’s been reduced to $10.00 without any explanation? According to some posters here this is a frequent occurrence.

Right, but people get features shut off in the app like the log off after trip, and final destination filter. Newbs claim 6 rides an hour when the veteran drivers only get 6 all day. Seems the actual humans working at Uber are busy adjusting each driver individually to change their work experience. It’s like they want a high turn over rate, not sure if they use months of driving or rides completed, but they do make the Uber “experience” different for each driver.

The only thing you’re pointing out is that you’re likely a shill. At the very least, your brain is being affected by all the Kool Aid you’re drinking. No one is fooled when you try to pass the Kool Aid around, either.

Oh I agree with that, how would they truly compare rider and driver accounts, unless they spent a day picking up friends as an investigative journalist. And IF that was the case, they’d act way more professional, and keep the project secret until it was printed in the news!

More common the PAX ordered a ride for a friend, and then scammed the driver because their phone GPS didn’t foll

Exactly, which further positions drivers for unfair fights and attitudes. Must we have them show us the app every time someone gets in? Funny how an app that’s supposed to make everything so simple and easy for everyone has little benefit for the drivers.