The Top 6 Reasons for Installing a Dash Cam in Your Car (As an Uber/Lyft Driver)

You've started your own business when you finally get a clean car, downloaded the Uber Driver app, and started shuttling riders for a pay.

While taking this decision is good for you, taking other decisions, such as investing in security technologies, are even better, smarter, and can have a big, profitable impact on your ridesharing business. One of such security technologies that are taking the market by storm is dashboard cameras ("dash cams for short").

A recent research by the UK's RAC reveals that by 2020, more than one million drivers will have installed dash cams in their car. This is because these cams—attached to the interior windscreen or to the top of the dashboard in your car—record all your trips in real-time. They will help you in case of any accidents, legal protection, and insurance frauds among others.

If you haven't installed one, here are six reasons that will motivate you to install a dash cam in your car.

1. It provides 24/7 security service for your car.

Dash cams are not only a piece of technology designed to record a moment of your trip. This little cam on your dashboard can also provide you with a 24/7 security service for your car.

You stand to enjoy unlimited hours of security against cases of vandalism, which could happen at any time, even while you're asleep. The good news is, your dash cam can help you identify who the culprits that victimize your car without leaving your engine on. For example, some dash cam models have G-Force sensors that can immediately detect changes when they occur.

You don't have to hire a security official to guard your car at any time. You don't have to worry about your car security when you're on vacation, somewhere at the beach. Just install his little dash cam in your car, and it will provide you with maximum 24 hours security in real-time.

2. It documents accidents in real-time.

As an Uber driver, you are prone to have accidents while you hit the roads almost all day.

And the problem with accidents is that they can be controversial, especially as no one wants to take full responsibility for their action. Your dash cam can serve as an eyewitness for you (in case you encounter some accident). Because it records accidents in real-time, it provides you with a well-documented piece of evidence that you can use to prove who is responsible for the collision.

(Image source: Mio)

No wonder more than 59 percent of drivers say the primary reason why they install dash cam was to be able to record the events that happen in the course of an accident, according to a 2014 research by Aviva.

3. It protects you against insurance scams.

Insurance scams in the auto industry are on the rise. It's beyond fathomed how drivers are risking their lives in crash-for-cash frauds—deliberately hitting other cars and makes it appear they are the victim.

According to statistics from Aviva, the number of fraudulent insurance claims has risen to 51 percent. With your dash cam installed in your car, you've nothing to worry about. Because not only that the cam will record what actually happens, it reveals who the culprits are, and help the authorities indict them.

4. It saves you time and money.

Driving comes with great challenges.

For one thing, you might be stopped by a police on the road and be charged with driving speed or any other driving violation. And in that case, be handed a ticket, which will ruin your savings and ruptured your energy.

But when you have a dash cam, none of this will happen. Why? Because the real-time recordings of real events will speak for you. You don't have to launch an argument for two hours against the officer. Just present hem with a clip from your dash cam, and get back to business.

5. It protects you against blackmail.

Uber drivers are often involved in criminal cases: A driver sexually assaulted a female rider, a driver molested a passenger, a driver rape rider after intoxicating her. These are all some of the oft reporter criminal incidences involving Uber drivers.

While it's unfortunate that Uber drivers are caught in these kinds of dirty acts, it's also possible that they might be falsely blackmailed by some riders. To counteract such events, smart driver-partners with dash cam installed in their vehicles can protect themselves against any blackmail that may arise.

The real-time video clip that dash cams record can protect you against any potential blackmail, and safeguard your business, credibility, and character.

6. It helps you report reckless drivers.

Drivers that hit the roads in ultra-speed, overtaking through any angle, and forcing their way recklessly on the road without a care are dangerous to your life.

You need to report them to the right authorities because if you don't, they'll not only put you out of business. They'll put your life in a coma. Of course, it's not easy to report reckless drivers. For one thing, irresponsible drivers, knowing that they'll face the wrath of the law, they won't simply accept their wrongdoings.

They'll argue with their last blood that they are not what you describe them, leaving you in a defensive position. But that won't happen anymore: Your dash cam won't let you in a defensive position.

With a functional dash cam install in your car, you can easily report reckless drivers to authorities with ease: The recorded clip captured by your dash cam is a tangible proof that no one can dispute.

Not even the crash-for-cash driver, the officer on the roadside, or the reckless driver with a big mouth. Your dash cam is your evidence. So go and install it.

Don't risk your safety!

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