The three types of full time UberX drivers:

  1. Those who make between $6 - $8 per hour with no benefits and high-risk and are OK with that for whatever reason their personal circumstances are.

  2. Those who make between $6 - $8 per hour with no benefits and high-risk but think they are making $15+ per hour because they really don’t understand how to figure their costs and expenses or they think they can magically erase some of their expenses.

  3. Those who work in one of the very few markets where Uber is paying enough where drivers can actually earn a livable wage.

Totally agree with you. It is wasting time to work as Uber driver. A true ride sharing app “link rider”. It is recruiting driver in this moment. No charges to passenger and driver. After driver provide a free ride to passenger. Passenger pay tips to driver.

That’s why I do it. I enjoy talking to people and I generally waste gas just driving around regardless. My girlfriend works late at night everyday.

So before Uber I’d drive around to waste time hit Starbucks or spend more watching a movie or even hanging out with some broke friends, lol. I’d spend $500 a week just on crap at least now I actually have something to do with my free time.

I pay in the area of $0.12 a mile as my lost vehicle value, gas, and all maintenance and repairs. I earn far more than that cost in tips nightly. If I had the rates some of these cities do, I would not drive, I agree. But many places are very profitable. There is no blanket answer.

Uber has marketed it to you as a “bend over for me in your spare time for some extra cash” type of gig. Nowhere did it say “let me f*ck you and then take your kidney too!”

Nope, I haven’t had a car loan since 2007. I only buy cash. If I can’t afford to buy it cash, I can’t afford to buy it period. Twelve cents per mile? Would you mind elaborating on how you arrived at that number? Let me guess, no? It’s none of my business?

Believe me, you don’t wanna know how he arrived at his numbers. He must drink his Uber Kool-Aid with alot of vodka because only jibberish comes out of his mouth. He has one of those rare minivans that operates on pixie dust.

As a teacher, I calculated my hourly rate For the 2012-2013 school year, and it wasn’t pretty. I recall my hourly calculations were coming out at about $8 per hour. Should I go work a low-paying gig at a restaurant, retail, or fast food joint because it might pay $9 per hour? That would not be logical

This is a ridiculous comparison. Teachers have enormous benefits including lifetime pensions, outstanding health insurance, and get regular pay increases. All the ones I know retire rich at a young age.

You mean something like…yes they do exist, but this would be similar to summoming a private car service. They have their own planes, pilots, and insurance…and it’s hella expensive.

No, don’t mean to jump on you. I’m just pointing out that Uber pay with no benefits cannot reasonably be compared to teachers pay with benefits. The reference to water bottles was just to illustrate my point.

Yeah, haven’t met any rich teachers in my day… The salary posted for California is a lot more than I make, but the cost of living in Nebraska is anything but comparable to the cost of living in CA. I struggle to make ends meet, which is why I have always had to work a part-time job during my ten years as a public servant.

I agree that Uber isn’t really for everyone. But of course Uber really shouldn’t be a full time gig. Especially if your a UberX driver. I actually like driving people to the Beach gives me a chance to buy a towel and jump into the Beach. I always have shorts underneath, lol.