The Shop Your Way Incentive for Uber Drivers

Uber has provided a number of incentive programs in the past for increasing driver income through online sponsored purchasing programs. One such program is Shop Your Way, which is a deal set up between Uber and Shop Your Way providing cashback points for every ride a driver makes. The great thing about this incentive is that the times you can redeem are actually useful.

The Shop Your Way incentive provides a $2 cash back per ride an Uber driver completes. This means that all Uber drivers should sign up and register for this incentive since they get this cashback without actually doing more than they do. It is a passive income source, which is always the best way to earn.

What you get when you sign up, above and beyond the $2 cash back per ride is a 50% discount oil change at all Sears Auto Centers and a 30% cashback value for all services paid for beyond the oil change. Since we all know how much car maintenance costs, this is a great incentive to earn 30% cashback on every mandatory service we undergo.

What is Shop Your Way?

Shop Your Way is an e-commerce and loyalty club platform that has partnered with Sears, Kmart, and Land's End. It doesn't matter if you have one of these near you or not, they are all online and you can buy anything from them over the internet. For those less familiar with these companies they provide products ranging from electronics, household appliances, clothes, tools, furniture and much more. In fact, Sears online catalog is one of the biggest in the world.

Collecting Points

Since each ride is an automatic guaranteed $2 cash back, you can buy anything they offer for $100 after making only 50 rides. Since most of us to make over 50 rides a week, this means that we earn over $400 in goods available online for just working our usual hours with Uber.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click this link. Connect your Uber Partner account with Shop Your Way. Give rides. Collect CASHBACK on points. Get stuff from Shop Your Way.

Point Lifespan

Points have a 2-month lifespan, so you cannot collect over 2 months, you need to follow your points and buy within 2 months, or the old points will expire.

**How the program works **

New Drivers

New Drivers that don't have an existing driver sign-up code can use the Shop Your Way new driver code and get a $425 sign up bonus

New drivers will get a $25 CASHBACK in points after completing the first trip

A $15 CASHBACK in points for every additional 5 trips until the 99th trip

A $100 CASHBACK in points after your 100th trip (the first 100 trips must be completed within 45 days)

Existing Drivers

If you sign up a new driver into the program, you get a $400 CASHBACK in points per year, which comes from signing up a new driver to the program.

A $100 CASHBACK in points over a 3-month period, which is up to $400 in points over a one-year period. (This is easy, you only need to make 50 trips in 3 months to claim this reward, since most drivers do this in a week, this is a no-brainer.)

A $2 CASHBACK in points per trip that you give

Checking your points

The only way you can check your point status is by going online to the Shop Your Way account and sync your Uber account with Shop Your Way and then click on the "Redeem" selection. You can now check your points by choosing the "My Points Balance" selection.

Remember that the points expire after 2 months so just make sure you spend them on time.

Every $2 is equal to 2,000 points, and items are redeemed by point value.

How good is this?

Very good if you make an average of 3 rides an hour and work 6 hours, this means you are making $6 per hour, and that is $36 a day. If you start to calculate all the weekly items you buy with hard cash, and factor in a minimum $150 per week from a 5-day shift of 18 rides a day, you can save a hell of a lot of personal cash. Yes, save it, don't spend it. If you can save $150 a week, that means you end up saving $7,800 a year. What I am saying is don't just transfer the spend to Shop Your Way and then spend the original cash on more items. Literally, save the money equivalent you get to Shop Your Way and save $thousands a year.

The Sears Auto Center Deal

We mentioned this one at the start, but now that you realize you can save a lot of money without reducing your spend, you can now calculate how much money you will make in a standard maintenance check that you need to perform anyway.

Imagine a car maintenance check that costs you $60 in labor charges. Take off the oil change bonus, which is a 50% price reduction. Add to your income a 30% in service income; this equates to a $20 in cashback points. That's a further $20 for spend and $20 for savings.

Cashback for Referrals

Shop Your Way gives you a great incentive for adding to their system drivers as well as riders. For every rider and drivers, you get to sign on to Shop Your Way you get $500 cashback bonus. $500!!! You can buy and save at the same time. Add to this the fact that both riders and drivers enjoy the $2 cashback; this makes it a no-brainer to market. While you are driving, you can make money by advertising this incentive program, as well as help others make more income from the passive activity.

How to Get Your Referral Code

Go to and sign in. You will find your referral code there. If you want to print your referral code click on "Print Now."


I was surprised by this incentive. It is interesting to see how the Amazon war for e-shopping dominance is making its competitors do everything and anything to grow bigger. As a customer of this program, I can definitely say, that this is one of the best incentive programs I have come across and can only hope it continues like this for a very long time.

Is this for drivers, or just passengers… Seems to be for pax, not us

It’s for both. I’m not a rider. Just driver

I wonder if this is legit? Anyone tried this?

That’s my account. $20 after I first connected. Waiting for the next points to show up on my account.

Thank you this is awesome it says 100 every 3 months in poi d’s can be earned as a driver that’s 400 in free money per year and as people said they ship.

Another way to make extra cash with Uber. I joined and it works.

US Drivers and Riders can earn additional cash back points with Sears/Kmart to spend either in-store or online. Earn an extra $2.00 per ride and up to $400 per year. This is in addition to your Uber earnings.

Points / SYW Rewards can also be used to buy items at Target online including gift-cards or merchandise.

Sears is also offering ALL Uber drivers who participate in the SYW promotion 50% off on labor and oil changes at any of their Auto Service Centers nationwide.

Simply link your Uber driver account to the Sears Shop Your Way rewards program to take advantage of these promotions.

FULL DISCLOSURE - Yes, I do make a couple bucks in bonus points when people sign up using my link below. I do endorse this program even if i didn’t get a bonus. Just got my oil changed for FREE at Sears Auto Center.

I have bought several products, clothes for myself and my family in Sears and other stores, I have not paid for anything, when I go to Kmarts I use my points and I pay very less than what I had to pay, I recommend to anyone who works in uber full time to sign up

Completed! Made my 100th trip and got the $100 in bonus points from Shop Your Way. Easiest $450 I have ever made and my kids are really enjoying the benefits. :slight_smile: I was also entered into a sweeps for connecting my accounts and won another $10 in points. Riders can earn points as well. Different terms apply everywhere so it may not work for some people.