The rideshare law passed last year supersedes any previous laws

Has anybody else on Long Beach Island tonight had a run in with the taxi driver who is yelling at Uber and Lyft drivers and then photographing all of their license plates? I was accused of not having proper tags on my car and when I called the company he works for she then proceeded to tell me since 2016 all Uber and Lyft drivers are required to have certain tags and commercial insurance…

The woman who answered the phone claimed she had copies of all the laws. It was then stated that he uses the tag information to look up on some website if you have proper tags and insurance.

Do you know where I can find those laws? I’d love to go give them to the twat that answered the phone. I told her rideshare vehicles didn’t have the same regulations as taxi cabs. She told me I was wrong. I would love to slam them on her desk.

let it go it’s more trouble than it’s worth. And if you enter their office they could charge you with trespassing. If the driver keeps harassing you get pictures of him and his plates and file a harrassment complaint against him.

I had the guy in Hoboken tell me I couldn’t wait by the taxi line by the station. He tried to get my information flashing his “badge” I just drove off :woman_shrugging:t2: these people are ridiculous. He told me next time I’ll get a ticket of $750 :joy:

What bothered me most was his just taking picture of me and my tags, it’s not illegal, but it’s ridiculously obnoxious.

Great idea… they’re going out of their way to record plates & look up people so I say return the favor…

The commercial insurance required by law is provided by Uber and Lyft while you are on a trip, and the only special tags you are required to have is that you are required by law to display your Uber decal in your front windshield.

I actually drove a woman who used to own a taxi company in Manahawkin a few years ago. They closed.

He did the same thing to me last year. He is just pissed his business is dwindling down because of us. He is talking out his ass.

There was a taxi driver at a stoplight last night. It was around 3:00 AM so there wasn’t many people on the road. When I turned at the light he yelled “fuck you Uber” I was very inventive and yelled “fuck you” back. :joy: Then I started to get paranoid that he may follow me.

That company has horrible vehicles
He is just pissed he has competition
He used to be one of the only games in town!
His dirty falling apart van is always sitting at Wawa In Ocean Acres
Big dummy