The rate cuts are bone crushing

Driving down a pitch black street in LA looking for unmarked addresses to drive sullen millenials one mile or less. I want to suggest to these kids it would be good for them to stretch their legs occasionally. I’m amazed when I hear drivers make a living doing this and know there must be more tricks to the trade. Last night I had one super nice pax who called me 45 seconds after the ping because I “obviously didn’t know what I was doing” since my car was intially pointed the wrong way on Sweetzer. I suggested he start all over and find somebody else who might enjoy his condescending and dismissive tude for his 1 mile trip.

i think it would not benefit you considering the rate cuts. Lowering rates shifts perceived value in consumers. Throwing extras at them in conjunction to this will only exacerbate the effect.

How about one of those international flight dopp kits with booties, eye shades, and the tiniest tube of toothpaste designed for Gulliver to give out as peace offering when he lands on Lilliput? It just bummed me out that I dropped from 4.88 to 4.87 this weekend. I want to be one of the cool kids like you guys with a 4.9. I open the door, wash the car, offer GPS or their route, take conversation cues from them, etc. etc. etc.

I don’t believe this to be true because your star rating is based upon your last 500 rated trips. The 4 or less ratings will eventually fall off as they age.

They will eat your candy,chew your gum,stick gum on the seat throw wrappers on floor,spill your water,drug your water for the next pax,steal your chargers and rate you 1 star while laughing at you.

I really appreciate all the feedback and am just going to relax about it and enjoy the process. Sometimes Ubering is great. I had a show runner for a major TV show in a talkative mood on a long ride. He was so cool as he walked me through a day in the life of creating a hit show and managing all those moving parts.

I’m glad I’m not trying to make a living via rideshare. Is Tuesday discount day? I went out tonight and did 7 rides for a grand total of $38. If I take it back to the top of this thread, my motivation to find the perfect backseat storage space for candy, mints, and gum seems more than a moot point.

I think my post was just a continuation of the previous 3 members. One suggest giving pax caviar and a mini bar, one suggest the OP is a troll, one quoted “all that for X?” and one post even suggest to drug the water for the pax. I can’t believe how cranky you are even after Bama put a whooping on USC last night.

You’re way over-thinking this. (And that could be that at 321 trips you’re really still a newbie.) The stuff you mentioned before is fine–keep the car clean, etc. You know what I have in the back? A box of tissue that happens to be cylindrical and fits in a backseat console. It often ends up being a conversation starter because pax have never seen something like that before and think it’s quite novel.

As a person who was an Uber rider long before I was a driver…I didn’t care about mints, candy, gum, water, caviar, etc. one bit. All I cared about was getting from point A to point B safely and in a timely manner, with a driver that wasn’t a complete tool.

The only reason that the UberX customers get the water or the candy is because I have it in the cab. If I am going to drive the UberX car that day, there are several things that I must transfer from the cab to the UberX car, so the water and candy go back and forth between the cab and UberX car.

What you’re missing is that it only takes 1 4 star to drop your rating and you will NEVER get a 5.0 again. NEVER EVER. No matter what you do, you will not be able to please everyone.

I drive with one hand and massage pax feet with the other while asking about their day. All I get is 4.87 rating, no tips, and emails about missing socks. Any advice on increasing my score?

I personally don’t like to deal with food and trash in my car, so I discourage all eating and drinking. Less clean-up so you can get to the next trip faster. I do keep two cellphone charger cords in the backseat though. It’s an easy thing to do.

No wonder all these kids Uber for trips that total half a mile, it’s practically free and there is such a glut of us, pax wait an average of 28 seconds for pickup. For a long time, I’ve been toying with following in a lot of your footsteps and adding on Lyft.

My rating is is always between 4.95 & 4.97…sometimes I get up to 4.99 But short lived. I don’t give anything, just a-b and polite, But heres my trick. after every ride comes to an End I tell every pax im giving them a 5 and I hope you do the same.

As long as you are able to pay your self employment taxes then purchase those goodies with your profits, it’s really up to you what you do in your vehicle. But know most drivers concentrate on providing a safe and efficient trip only.