The math no lie

At a buck per paid mile it’s exactly as shown prior. Add in the, what is it? checking…13 cents a min./$7.80 minus Uber’s 20% cut to $6.24 an hour. If you get paid for half the time sitting in the seat that’s an additional $3.12 an hour for your 200 mile $60 net. Almost make it to $85 for the day. Makin’ bank!

There will ALWAYS be drivers. Even at 25 cents per mile. That is just a fact that Uber is very well aware of by now. Maybe not in the cleanest of cars, or with the best attitude, perhaps even a rapist or a guy with a hammer here and there … but there will ALWAYS be drivers.

Just like the drivers who sit for hours at the airports in the middle of the damn night where there is zero business. What the hell are they thinking? You normally even have to pay to park! These drivers are seriously jacked in the head.

I didn’t drive Thursday night, which I usually do. After making $56 in 4.5 hours and 9 rides, I decided rest was more important. I need to make about $800/month off this gig, and once I do, I don’t drive.

Exactly! In every economy, good and bad, there is always a percentage of unemployed people. These people will always find whatever rates Uber sets to be better than their alternative, which is nothing.

One way to liquidate their car is to sell it for what it’s worth on the market. If it’s worth $20,000, then they could liquidate it into $20,000 in cash by selling it, but then they would be without a car.

Friday night was my second night to drive with the new lower rates and I definitely can tell the difference. I logged into the rider app at one point and have never seen so many drivers on the map.

I just checked the rider app, and there are dogpiles of drivers everywhere! I think there must be a plethora of bored/desperate drivers for this to be possible. It’s like we are in the Twilight Zone…

this is a bogus argument. You can’t blame someone for not quitting if that’s his or her only source of income, and has no immediate other options.

Cars wear out and they break down. That’s a fact. Can you afford $1000+ to get your car back on the road all while losing 1-2 weeks of income while its in the shop? Keep on truckin’ and see what happens Better save for repairs / maintennace Ha! Good luck with that. Uber has you scrapin’ by.

I tried to get her to work elsewhere while waiting for the clerk test. Nope. Didn’t want to. There was an opportunity for management (seasonal) that would have looked great on her resume. Nope. Didn’t want to.

There is a lot of tl;dr here, I’m still waiting on an explanation of how people claim you aren’t making any money. It costs some people $0.10 - $0.20 a mile to drive which leaves room for money to be made.

At least in a market like mine with weekend surges and somewhat steady pings at $1.10/0.16. Not a ton of money but enough to supplement a couple hundred bucks a week.

I hear all the time that people are using their car as an atm machine. Well if there’s only $2000 in the bank and you “withdraw” $10,000 then there is profit no matter what your taxes or disgruntled drivers say.

I agree there are some cars that can be operated for $0.10 - $0.20 a mile. Combine that with Uber’s behavior of deactivating drivers below a 4.6 rating, and now the set of profitable cars is the subset of cars that operate at $0.10 - $0.20 that aren’t so shitty it won’t get the driver deactivated for using it. Finding such a car is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I disagree. Show me a car that only costs $0.10 - $0.20 a mile to drive. Even the oldest piece of crap costs more then that. Now with rates in 90% of the market less then a dollar a mile you can not even make minimum wage.

Of course we are independent contractors so the minimum wage does not apply to us. I cannot believe that anyone would be willing to be used by uber and then defend them. Fortunately for me I just started a new REAL job. One that actually pays me a living wage, not a slave wage.