The lesson here is to never start rolling with drunk pax on board until they have given you an address and it is on your GPS

Drunks will tell you that they will direct you. But they won’t. Then when you don’t take the turn they didn’t tell you about they will say it is your fault.

Insist that they give you an address. I tell them I must enter an address in the app in case the app loses connection with the server, and that they may get overcharged for the ride if this happens.

My lesson was im just done with weekend night pax I felt awful when I saw that fare I take no pride in having someone pay ridiculous prices for a service they needed but I also refuse to feel bad for irresponsiblity Ive drunk before and done things I regret & I sucked it up and OWNED it no one felt bad for my irresponsiblity so neither will I for anyone elses

I doubt you would be deactivated, and if you are you have plenty of reason to dispute it. The worst I would imagine would be a fare adjustment when the rider sobers up and complains – which you should also dispute. Uber’s policy to ask the rider if they have a preferred route, so that trumps GPS directions. It’s your time and your fuel; you deserve to be paid for it.

It’s not my job at best it’s a past time I can’t buy gas, oil changes or pay my insurance let alone pay my bills on ubers rates and my heart goes out to anyone that does rely on uber for such & I go above and beyond for my riders ALL the time I return phones wallets even if there out of my way & don’t ask for a cent in the event I do make a mistake on a gps direction I simply turn the meter off immediately no matter how far we have to go my mistakes are not their fault and I wouldn’t dare penalize my pax for my error but in any event that’s none of your business so keep judging me I don’t care …how about you go get a life because mine is beautiful…good luck and GOD bless you

Your standard answer to Uber in these cases is " the customer told me the route he wanted to take, do you NOT want me doing as the customer ask’s". Actually its fine with me if they want to navigate, 90% of the time it ends up taking longer. As I tell my pax “I’m just holding the steering wheel, pushing the pedals, you’re navigating” .

I just want you to know I 100% agree with you. I have no respect for anyone who feels good about seeing people get gouged like what happened here with these insane surge rates. I had my own ride from hell that resulted from one of these surge rates.

What happened with me was, I got a ping a min or two later from a couple I dropped off at their home after their long ride home to the suburbs. I had to go back and get him from his house as he had to put in a second ride afterward as he got home as they used Uber instead of driving and they went out with out his keys. That shorter ride to his mom’s house was torture to me as he kept saying, “I don’t blame you, but they know people are drinking and they are really taking advantage”.

I’ve been the boss way too long before doing this that seeing this, was just going against the grain of everything I know about customer service. Uber proves itself to be more inept by doing that to it’s long term viability than anything I could have done. But I hate that they put me in that bad position that I feel guilty (and don’t hand out BS saying I shouldn’t) and I’m not going to let is happen again. If I get anyone that I pick up and I see it’s going to happen, I’m going to tell them upfront before I get going and it’s their choice from that point as what they want to do.

Anyone who has driven even a few drunk pax knows that they change their minds or have diverse opinions about destinations constantly. When it’s not surge I could care less. Let’s just wander around. The pay is **** anyway so the more miles the better.

Its not the drivers fault that the riders were drunk and too stupid to enter in an address. The driver asked for an address and they refused and insisted on directing. Also, they accepted the surge fare so even the surge is not the drivers. If the riders are so concerned about saving money then they should not accept surge fare and if they have they should enter the address to avoid extra miles.

I noticed some people said you shouldnt have contacted Uber. Uber will back you up on surge its their policy. As for inefficient route, in the morning if the customers would have complaint Uber might have given them a fare adjustment but you could dispute that and most probably you would not lose any money.

Knowing your passenger was drunk makes u culpable for taking advantage of the passengers condition. It’s up to the responsible driver to look out in the best interest of drunk passengers just like u would want to be taken care of. No matter how insistent a drunk passenger is, u have to get correct address before u start trip.

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