The latest RideShare Phishing Scam: Uber and Lyft Drivers Beware

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver, then you should read this article thoroughly. What we are about to divulge is one of the latest phishing experiences some drivers have been exposed to recently.

Getting the Call

The first thing that the phishers do is make a request. They don't use real customer accounts, but accounts they set up specifically for phishing attacks. They will place a request, and when a driver accepts it, they get the drivers name and number and then call the driver. When the driver accepts the call, they then cancel the order. The driver doesn't connect the call with the customer, and answers. The phishers will then introduce himself as an Uber representative and call the driver by his name, which eases the driver from thinking it's a fake call.

The Conversation

They then present to the driver a bonus reward and ask to confirm the details. This is done by asking for the e-mail address of the driver, to prove identity and then they as to confirm the password. This is the stage you should get concerned, but some drivers are so keen to get the bonus reward that they plow on giving that detail too. They then ask the driver to log off the app so that they can update it for him with the bonus reward. The driver does that too, not realizing that the phishers can now access the drivers account and replace the bank account information with their own as well as update a new debit card for fast cash withdrawals and then withdraw all the cash in the account.

After the Conversation

Once they have finished to steal all the details and remove all the cash as well as change the bank transfer details, they will hang up. The phished driver will only know that there is a problem when they try to get quick cash or when they check their bank account status.

What you must do

OK, you now know what a phishing scam sounds like, these are what you must remember to do when you receive a call from Uber or Lyft.

If the number is unknown or a random incoming call, check to see where it came from. If the number is not recognized and they claim to be from Uber, and they ask you for personal details, tell them to leave you're their office number and you will call back, or tell them to send you an e-mail and you will reply.

Hang up the call and warn everyone in your area that a phishing scam is underway.

Take note: Uber will NEVER call you, and if they do, they will NEVER ask you for personal information, especially not for passwords.

Some Other Issues

Reverse Images

Someone noticed that videos of drivers show them to be driving on the left instead of the right, that's only reverse image made by the dash cam selfie mode. So, if you see some reverse images taken when driving, it's because the driver set the camera on selfie mode.

NYC Driving

If you want to drive in NYC, you will need to get a special Livery license or TLC for UberBlack. These are mandatory for driving in Manhattan and all NYC boroughs. You will also need to put on your seatbelt too; it's a city regulation. The TLC process is quite impressive, here is what you will need to do to get a TLC license for UberBlack driving:

9 Steps to a TLC License

Basic requirement: You must be 19 years old to apply for a TLC license.

  1. You must upgrade your license to a Class E License and this costs around $25.
  2. You must take a defensive driving course or must have passed one during the last 18 months before your application. The course lasts for about 6 hours to free up a day for this. The price of a class is between $30 and $40, and once you complete the course, you will have to wait around a week before the DMV will send you the official certificate.
  3. You must pass a Medical Exam since all TLC driver must be medically fit to operate a vehicle safely. This means that you must print out the TLC medical exam report and get it signed by the physician at your primary healthcare clinic.
  4. Submit your TLC application; you do this at
  6. scroll down to "LARS."
  7. click "Apply for a license."
  8. Select the TLC Driver's License
  9. Watch the mandatory 10-minute video on sex trafficking,
  10. Pay the $252 application fee (non-refundable, even if your application is denied)
  11. You must pass a wheelchair class (WAV) and 24-hour Taxi school course.
  12. The taxi class school course is around $175
  13. The taxi school exam is $75
  14. The WAV class is about 3 hours, and it costs $75.
  15. Send all your documents and certifications to the TLC at their e-mail:
  16. You must take a mandatory drug test, you call: 1-800-923-2624 to make an appointment and then take the test at the LabCorp office that is in the same building as the TLC., and pay the $26 for the test. If you passed the test then you won't be notified, if you did not pass it, you would be sent an e-mail, and your application is over.
  17. You must get your fingerprints taken at You schedule an appointment to get your photo and fingerprints taken and pay the $75 fee.
  18. You now wait to receive your license, which cost you around $733. You can check your status at Taxi & Limousine Commission