The last fool PAX that messed up my car was reported for general principles

Uber charged his card for the clean up. I could have done the clean up, but it was nice to let the PAX know that is not OK. I was also taken off line for the night. Well until I took the photo and went to a self service car wash and vacuumed up all the chunks. The grease stains needed shampooing the next day. I felt better knowing he paid.

I agree with you both. I have cups of Starburst and mints. I had 3 drunk guys last week who ate 20+ of them and left the wrappers everywhere. It’s easy to clean up, but I wish there was a small $5 cleaning fee so they learn this type of carelessness is not acceptable.

I have a trash thingie behind each seat because we travel a lot. I got them at Target even before I started driving for pennies on the mile. Perhaps they’re mistaken because they look like giant cup holders?!

My next investment is going to be a built-in vomit basin for each passenger. Similar to the spittoon at the dentist office, complete with running water. Driving on Thirsty Thursday is bringing me closer and closer to finally achieving a $250 cleaning fee milestone.

Spray some WD40 on your finger tips. You will notice through out the day that the WD40 smell does not go away, no matter how many times you wash your hands. No WD40 for me thanks

Sorry to hear someone would be so childish and destroy your property. I guess now when ever customer leaves your car you will check to confirm no gum or mess has been left. Good luck!

Facilitating a comfortable and respectful environment for both riders and drivers is a top priority for us and I will follow up appropriately with your rider here.

Sometimes, the unfortunate nature of this industry is that riders sometimes leave behind a little wear and tear or mess to clean up. That said, I’m afraid the cleaning and damage fees we facilitate are reserved for significant messes directly attributable to the rider on a given trip.

Of course they’re not going to pay anything for that type of damage.

And I guarantee you they will not contact the rider for this in any way. For goodness sake, they didn’t even contact a drunk rider I took who threatened me physically and verbally. I know for a fact because I caught up with the same guy a few weekends later. So why would they contact a rider for leaving a little bit of gum in your vehicle?

I actually had one stick their nasty wad of gum ON TOP of my car! Of course, I didn’t see it until I stopped to gas up and by then the hot sun had melted it into a stringy, sticky mess that was almost impossible to clean. I definitely didn’t do anything to deserve it. I can’t believe how rude and anti-social people can be sometimes.

PLUS, leave the crap right on their front door. Chances are they gave you a one star for challenging them… Give the one star back and pee in their mailbox…

Start keeping dog shit in zip locks for the inconsiderate PAX. when they exit, rub the shit on their car’s door handles… LOL… Fermented Chicken fat works wonders too…

Yes, you have to check after every ride if possible. You have to charge the correct PAX for damage.
One of the things Uber does well is process damage claims to PAX. Take advantage of that.

I keep a flashlight in my door well. I take a quick look around at the important stuff as soon as possible.
You have to do it their way. Report via app if possible. Photo of damage.

If I am downtown with no time or place to really inspect the back, on arrival I turn on the overhead, ask the PAX if they have everything. At that time I take at least a quick look acting like I am helping the PAX get all their stuff.