The insurance industry is really starting to track this, because livery use increases your accident risk considerably

I have had several conversations over the last couple of years with some insurance executives and other experts regarding this new personally owned commercial transportation.

Of course I cannot speak for others, nor do I know anything about your situation, but just know this: the idea that you turn into just a private personal vehicle after dropping off a client is not necessarily true.
Particularly if you were on commercial property like airports, hotels, other public areas where commercial transportation is typically contracted. The example given to me, by an underwriter was this: "if you drop off a passenger , and after departing their home, strike their child on a bicycle, you were an uber driver, the pax will sue you as an Uber driver, your insurance will most likely deny any coverage, and drop you. Get into an accident in a gated community, where you do not live, nor have any friends or relatives, again you will be sued as an Uber driver, if there is any indication(trade dress, phone app, etc).

More and more companies are directly asking if you were in engaged in livery service at time of accident, and most will consider your departure part of livery service. Lie to them, and they can press charges.

Remember that is a personal line insurance policy. It will no cover any accident if you are using your vehicle for hire.

Now have any one seen UBER insurance policy? Does it cover any UBER driver?
If we are covered. Why we are not getting a copy of it?

So, I’ve read on here that commercial/rideshare policies are 4- to 5-times the price of individual coverage. If that’s the case, I sure as hell can’t afford to keep doing this.

To answer your original question, if I don’t start making more money (and a lot more tips), I’ll have to quit Uber, which, again, is unfortunate because I enjoy it for the most part.

Actually all your expenses are tax deductible because is a business expense and include gas, tolls, car maintenance, car washing, tires etc. They should show in your income tax form for income and expenses under schedule C.

It has been noted in another thread that car washes are not a deductable expense. Also, if you are using the IRS mileage deduction, gas, maintenance etc are included. You can still take tolls and parking. I’m not sure about commercial insurance for livery.

I believe that getting commercial policy will bring you up and qualify as an UBER Black car. Now it is a different story with commercial licensing but you can get paid double or triple UBER X. Now on regards to expenses as car washing: If you have a receipt, it does qualify as a maintenance expense.

You have to be a locally permitted livery company, well according to Uber, but they don’t give two hoots about permits, so maybe that has changed too :wink:

Then I would have to get an actual black car. I have a Honda Pilot now. I was thinking about a nice, used Tahoe… But don’t I have to find out if Black is open in my area? Additionally, I’m not sure im comfortable spending any money up front with how expendable we are for Uber.

Btw, our Yukons are not black, we hate black vehicles, so hard to keep pristine! We have mostly dark gray, and our clients AND drivers love it, (can make-ready in minutes with microfiber cloth and spray black way!) another reason I’m glad we don’t affiliate with Uber, we like our dark gray! We do have black BMW and Mercedes but that’s because we stole them! (Price wise, that is!!! Lol!)

We hit 200k on last one, then traded, but could have kept it another year for airport runs, just couldn’t justify keeping it on the insurance, etc. We get a wicked good rate on rentals if we need extra. We avg 18 mpg

ps I already get UberXL with my pilot. I was interested in maybe switching to black… Would a town car be more appropriate than a Yukon XL? Assuming I were to build/get my own clientele, I feel an SUV would be far more versatile… But I’m just brainstorming for the future. Getting ahead of myself

I see a lot of town cars, and a few big, black SUVs… Maybe Yukons or Suburbans. I didn’t pay much attention. Some people say they get picked up by a bmw or Mercedes on occasion (Uber black getting desperate and takin X, I guess).

Everyone’s are. The last thing Uber wants is for drivers sticking around long enough to start feeling like they own the place. Showing everyone the door sooner or later is probably the only favor they ever do for us.