The GrubHub App Is Awful (So Is Driver Support)

I’ve been working for GrubHub for about two weeks. The first week everything was great, App worked fine no problems.

Second week? Lets see:

Orders constantly coming in 40 minutes after they were placed
App signs me out at random times even during a delivery
The app constantly says I’m in a “bad coverage area” this is whether I’m at home, or out, it happens at random times, during deliveries, and I can’t even sign in to complete them.

It got bad enough that I called driver care to see if there was a fix. They tell me to uninstall and reinstall, did that twice. They tell me to force close and reopen. Did that a bunch of times. They told me to close all background apps, already done because I always close all background apps before using it. Advise me to drive around until I “get into a good service area”.

Now, this is my question. I have full bars and literally every other app on my phone works. No matter when I get this “In a bad location” message from their app, every other app works. Everything. Their app is the only one that doesn’t work. The guy on Driver Care was super condescending trying to explain cell towers to me. I’m like, I get that it’s possible to be in a bad location, I’m not questioning that. What I’m questioning is how literally every other app I have works when I’m also in a “bad area” so either he was trying to explain to me that GrubHub has it’s own cell towers (which I doubt) or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So I drove around for 10 minutes until I got in an area that it did work and he’s like “Oh look I fixed it take a survey bye”.

No, you didn’t fix it, this is literally what I’ve been doing anyway. Why is this happening? Why did it work great for an entire week and now hardly ever works?

I agree I don’t know everything about cell phones or towers or whatever but I also cannot comprehend how every other app on my phone works/gets a signal except that one and yet it’s somehow my fault/location? It’s also completely random locations including in the middle of a huge city where you think would be one of the BEST locations. Is anyone else having this problem? I otherwise like working for them, I have good blocks and have already made more money than I expect just working for two weekends in a row (seems to be the best time to work) but their APP is horrible and the driver care people seem to really either not know how it works or not give a crap?

Has this been anyone else’s experience?

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Have you tried using the app on a different phone? Maybe, borrow someone’s else if you don’t have an extra one and see if it’s just your phone or GrubHub app. Although, it doesn’t seem like the problem is with your wireless network or phone, but with the GrubHub driver app.

Do you know if there was a recent update to the app? It’s likely that the update might have caused the signal loss. If that’s the case, GrubHub will be hearing from lot more drivers about this issue.

It seems like that’s the only way to get GrubHub’s attention regarding this issue. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

I doubt the app is the problem. I’ve had that happen on previous phones. Restarting your phone might fix it temporarily or a factory reset. If that doesn’t work and it’s still under warranty, take it back. It’s probably the GPS radio in that case.

I live in Indianapolis Indiana and the GrubHub app just completely doesn’t work in certain areas. You can literally be sitting with your phone in your hand and an order will not come thru and then a couple minutes later an order will come through but say you missed an order one minute ago when the app sent no alert. The order will be identical to the order they say you “missed”. (Shady) If you do not have at least a 90% acceptance rate you lose your guaranteed rate and I believe that those so called missed orders are GrubHub’s way of getting out of paying the guaranteed minimum rate. I have called Driver Care on this issue several times and been told it’s my phone, it’s could be my service provider (Sprint) or I could be in bad reception area, etc, etc. They make up any excuse to not pay you correctly. I have also tried to get in contact with my Driver Care rep via email several times with no response but it awfully funny they can find you when they are super busy and need drivers or when there is a customer complaint. Bad communication and technology all the way around. I have no app problems with any of the other delivery services that I work for so I know it is GrubHub’s issue and not mine.