The Gig Economy: 5 Ways to Make More Money Delivering with Amazon Flex

Technology has made building and running a business easier, improved work-life balance, increased workforce mobility, and expanded the gig economy.

Currently, "gig workers now make up 34 percent of the American workforce," according to a report by CNN Money. "And the number is expected to rise to 43 percent by 2020." With the help of the Internet, for example, a college student can open an e-commerce shop with their Smartphone, a single mom can quickly build a startup out of her passion from her home, and a full-time employee can quit their business and earn a living delivering with Amazon Flex.

For a gig worker, working independently, while it may seem alluring, comes with its own price.

The dream of becoming your own boss is tough.

The competition in the marketplace is fierce.

The time you need to sharpen your skills is enormous.

So how do you deliver more packages, put a smile on your client's face, and make more money working at Amazon Flex?

I'll tell you how in a minute. But, first, for those who have no idea what "Amazon Flex" is, let's talk a little bit about it.

What's Amazon Flex?

Think of it like an Uber for Amazon.

The only difference is, with Amazon Flex, you're delivering Amazon's orders to its customers with your vehicle, not transporting people. That's a plus to the gig economy, providing more opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs. It's simple to join.

All you need to do is:

  • Create new Amazon account (if you don't have one already)
  • Sign up for Amazon Flex
  • Answer questions that Amazon will use to run a background check
  • Select the area that you'll cover
  • Provide your payment details

That is it.

You get paid by the delivery block—after you've delivered the orders based on hourly rates. This is a new industry in the gig economy era, and you can make a living out of it.

Let's talk about how.

1. Set higher goals

Setting higher goals is essential for generating more revenue and growing your business.

You can earn up to $18 to $25 an hour working with Amazon Flex, which is a great way to make some cool cash on your own terms. But that all depends on how you set your goals.

When you have a long-term vision and a realistic goal that challenge you to work and think out of the box, you'll work smarter not harder, and you'll make more money beyond your imagination.

When Jorden Roper, the amazing copywriter, was fired from her day job in April 2015, she didn't just build her writing business out of the blue. She sets a higher goal. "I'll make $5000 per month by August 2015," she promised herself.

Four months later, she made $5,172 from freelance writing work in August 2015 alone. You can make that much delivering with Amazon Flex. Just "set an income goal that's crazy and achievable at the same time," Roper advice.

And work tirelessly to make it happen.

2. Get a big car

The size of your car determines how much can earn working at Amazon Flex.

A small Sedan, for example, won't fetch you much money, because it can't fit more boxes. That's why you need a bigger car: An SUV, a van, or a large truck; any big vehicle that can load larger packages and deliver them safely to the final consumer.

Another great advantage of operating with a big car is that it will make you eligible to deliver packages for longer delivery routes. In other words, it gives you an unfair advantage to deliver more within a short time, making more money than other Flexers.

3. Focus on lucrative orders

The truth is, some Amazon Flex services, such as AmazonFresh, Amazon Restaurants, and Prime Now are more lucrative than the rest.

Why? Because they are eligible for tips.

Getting tips on top of your hourly pay increases your earnings. But that doesn't guarantee that any time you deliver AmazonFresh products to a customer, you'll get some tips. It all depends on how you present yourself to the buyer: Your gesture, attitude, and personality play are an important determining factor.

If you're a friendly type, Amazon customers will relate to you with mutual respect, welcome you with open arms, and tip you as a compensation of your warm gesture.

4. Target peak delivery hours

Peak hours at Amazon Flex come with a hefty price.

There are times when orders are their max, making operations at Amazon busier than the usual times. This is Amazon's "busiest times," and delivery blocks during these periods are offered at higher rates.

Target these times.

"But," you may ask. "How do I know when peak delivery times are available?" Good question. The company will notify you via your Amazon Flex app, telling you that increased rates are available. Just stay updated, and always ready to go…

5. Take your business seriously

Successful entrepreneurs are very committed.

They don't just take their business seriously; they value their work and put more effort to make their dreams a reality. In other words:

  • They show up early
  • They're consistent
  • They're relentless to exceeding their customer's expectations

If you want to succeed in your business, don't just show up when you want. Don't be inconsistent—appearing once in a while. Don't just see your new career as a side hustle, showing up late, neglecting your responsibilities.

Your Amazon Flex career is your new startup. If you really want to make money, achieve financial independence, and become your own boss… you should start treating it like a real business that it is.

That means, changing your mindset. Setting clear, higher, and realistic goals. Becoming more efficient. Learning the ropes of Amazon Flex, which means, not only understanding how the business model works, but also striving to do an excellent job, and keeping your eyes on "hot" gigs.

That's how to make more money working in the gig economy.