The driver rating system is statistically invalid

Uber knows this because I have explained it to Uber execs more than once. However, the common refrain from Uber is that they know the driver rating system is invalid but that they are pretty happy with it just the same. I have been told quite emphatically that Uber plans to stick with the invalid systems because it “feels” like it makes sense, even though any first year Stats student can explain how meaningless it is. Bottom line: You simply cannot use interval data to create an ordinal scale.

Anyone who thinks that driving people around in a luxury car on Uber is a way to make money. I have a bridge to sell you. Look uner Wall Street heading on one of the threads and read how Uber loses 60% of the drivers each year by there own account.

They are all leaving because they are making money. No they are leaving because they are seeing how there car is being run into the ground for min wage. The figures don’t lie. Coachman thinks ride share miles are like regular miles. They are tough , hard miles. Remember this thread and realize I was only being truthful.

you’ll get more respect delivering pizzas. and less wear and tear on your car. And don’t drive past midnight you might get a puker. report back to us in a month.

Three months ago I was reading posts like mine and thinking what assholes. I knew better. I had the secret sauce. They just didn’t want me moving in on thier territory and taking thier money away from them.

Well I apologize for thinking you are a##holes and realize I was the stupid one. You can make a couple of dollars over min wage but your car will be run into the ground when its over. Ride share miles are hard miles. Ask any verteran, I have some like Coachman argue with me about ride share miles but me and others rip him apart.

Uber lux is $25 minimum fare I suppose if I get some of those I would come out ahead. Also I have a perma plex warranty on the leather/paint so if any smudges etc I can have them repaired as far as ware on the car yea I will be using it most likely a lot but I have 80k b2b warranty left.

So let’s say mathematically speaking in 5 years time Maybe trade it in after that period is up if it’s not worth it I’ll pull out. I’m going to have lots of spare time I suppose waiting for pax.

Not just that, but considering anything under 92% or 94% (4.6 or 4.7 out of 5) to be a failing grade is insane, especially when the rider don’t know that every ride is supposed to get 5 stars.

All the rating system does is chase away drivers right as they are starting to get a decent amount of experience (a few hundred rides given.) They will pay a bonus and pay for background checks to hire a new driver who may be a total doofus or not even drive, yet someone who has given 400 rides with an overall 93.9% score gets threatened with termination. Makes no sense at all.

We have very little control over the ratings people give us. Someone can give 1 star because there was a surge, we had to sit in traffic, it took a while to find them due to incorrect address, it took us “too long” to get to them due to distance or traffic, they took the ride a month ago and don’t remember us, they were drunk at the time and not able to think about what rating to give- none of those are the driver’s fault.

All you have to do is stay out of the bottom 10% and you’re safe, right? What’s unfair about that? If you gave a test in your classroom and the average score was 98% then that 92% student would have some explaining to do

Exactly. I wonder if some of these people even drive- they seem to be clueless about the system. Also, in a school, the student has total control over how well he does on a test. His grade isn’t based on what other students think he should get or on what answers someone else wrote on their test.

So you’ve addressed the issue of potential market saturation but don’t realize that you will depreciate the vehicle at 5-10x the rate of paying it off. Even if you drive p/t as an Uber, what value will you have left on that vehicle, or any other, in 5 years?

Not to mention, if you’re any good at Ubering, your warranty will last ONE (maybe 2) years, not FIVE. But hey, I’m all for folks trying out this gig. Let us know how it goes and don’t be a stranger 'round here!

Will let y’all know how it goes. Thankfully I am going to school so uber is ultimately not the end game still hoping it is some kind of gold mine lol. But uber in the meantime and hopefully will get a full time job and do this part time.