The DoorDash Driver (Dasher) Comprehensive Handbook

Welcome to this compendium of all things DoorDash for Dashers. We worked diligently and accurately to compound all the information into one easy to read and use handbook, split into functional chapters.

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Part 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Dasher Basics
  3. Dasher Account

Part 2:

  1. Dashing

Part 3:

  1. DoorDash Drive
  2. Payment and Insurance

Part 1

In this part of the handbook, we will review Chapters 1, 2 and 3.


Dashing is a fancy word for courier service; this is one of the wonders of the internet and branding. When you match a few developers to a marketing genius, you end up with a sexy presentation to a mundane source of income. Delivery service was always relegated to either a low-income job working for large fleets or a small local part-time job for student's income and is now being vamped up to a full-time "sexy" private driver status.

DoorDash didn't hold back the expenses when promoting their concept, wrapping it up in all sorts of interesting ways, such as "I could get a 9 to 5, but then I would never see my daughter. She's 2, and she's never going to be two again, so I want to spend as much time as I can with her. DoorDash allows that." – Patty". Amazing? With this said, it does offer a part-time income for people that don't want a full-time job or are unemployed. So, it is a perfect solution in that sense.

Dasher Basics

Dashing is a food delivery service, either provided by merchants or Restaurants. There is also a catering delivery service called Drive.

The sign-up process is quite quick since Dashing is a courier service and not a human transport service (like Uber) the requirements are quite basic. However, all applicants will have to pass a background check, so that sucks for anyone with a problem in the last seven years. The background check is performed by Checkr, so you will have to contact them regarding this issue.

Some cities will require an orientation session; this is advisable for anyone that has never worked in a courier service before. It is done online through a video presentation.

The basics are that applicants must be 18 years old, must own or have access to a smartphone and have a valid driving license.

Vehicles can be anything from a bicycle to a van. However each city has different requirements, so check online which city requirements you fall under.

DoorDash operates in 25 markets in the US and Canada and that is over 300 cities when added up.

DoorDash provides insurance which is discussed in detail.

DoorDash Account

This chapter will deal with all things around the application, the account, and the Dasher profile and ratings.

  1. Downloading the Dasher app
  2. Set up your Direct Deposits
  3. Setup your Red Card
  4. Updating your Profile
  5. Updating your Vehicle Information
  6. Where to get your Dasher Gear
  7. Ratings Explained
  8. The Deactivation Policy
  9. The Referral Program

Downloading the Dasher App

The dasher app is not available in the Apple app store, so iPhone users have to download it via the DoorDash site: iPhone Dasher App

On the site:

  • Press Install
  • Choose the home screen option
  • Press Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Device Management
  • Choose Tap Palo Alto Delivery Inc
  • Press trust Tap Palo Alto Delivery Inc
  • Press Trust

On your home screen, you will find the DoorDash Dasher app icon.

Android owners can download via Play Store

Choose Play Store

  • Search for Dasher DoorDash
  • Tap the app
  • Tap Install
  • Tap Accept
  • Tap Open

On your home screen, you will find the DoorDash Dasher app icon.

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Setup Direct Deposit

This can be done on-site or via the app. When using the app, this is what you do:

  • Launch the Dasher app
  • On iPhone choose Earnings, on Android choose "My Pay."
  • Press the yellow banner
  • Fill in your bank account details:
  • Your name as is appearing in the bank account
  • Your SSN
  • The banks routing number
  • Your bank account number
  • Press Submit Bank Details

Check to see if the information you provided is correct.

Setup your Red Card

DoorDash provides all its Dashers with a company credit card to be used solely for paying for deliveries at the merchant or restaurant. They are not for filling up at gas stations or for any other personal use.

You can set up your DoorDash credit card, called a Red Card this way:

iPhone Setup:

  • Launch the app
  • Tap the "account" button
  • Press the red text near the "profile" tab "Did DoorDash give you a payment card?"
  • Input the card’s last four digits and the delight number.

Android Setup:

  • Launch the app

  • Tap the "Red Card" tab

  • Input the card’s last four digits and the delight number.

If you lose your card, you must do the following steps after going to pick up a new card from the local office:

iPhone users

  • Tap the "Account" button
  • Press the red text near the "profile" tab "Lost Your card?"
  • Mark the card as being lost
  • Enter the new cards last four digits and the delight number

Android users:

  • Launch the app

  • Tap the "Red Card" tab

  • Mark the card as being lost

  • Input the card’s last four digits and the delight number.

Updating your Profile

To edit or update your Dasher profile, the phone number you registered with when opening the account must match the one you are using. If so, this is what you will do update your information:


  • Open the app and access your Profile tab.
  • Choose the "Account" option


In the account screen, you can edit any information that is presented.

Update Vehicle Information

From the "account" screen you choose the "vehicle" option from the menu:

You can add a new vehicle, and make sure you include the make, model and year so DoorDash can verify if the vehicle meets the basic requirements set in the city you are registering to work.

You can change the vehicle you are using by choosing which transportation type you are using, and you can remove a vehicle by tapping "Remove Vehicle" and then pressing "save" at the bottom of the screen.

Dasher Gear

Dashers can go to their local office to receive all kinds of fun DoorDash items, including t-shirts, caps, bags, red-cards and more.

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Ratings Explained

Ratings are the way DoorDash evaluates a Dasher's quality and competence. Ratings are updated every 100 deliveries and are provided by the customer.

One of the most acceptable ways for any company to evaluate and measure the success and satisfaction of their customers and employees is through Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). KPI's are set to measure particular factors in a service, and the ratings offer an insight into how they are being met.

DoorDash calls their KPI's; Star Ratings. Customers are given the opportunity to rate the Dasher according to their satisfaction of the service, or their perception of what the service was about what they expected it to be. Therefore, the higher the rating, the higher regard for the Dasher and the service, the lower the rating, the less regard.

What can the ratings be based on?

Punctuality, Communication, and Courtesy.

A Dasher must be fast and punctual with all timings, if there is a delay with a merchant, notify the customer, don't let them wait, all the time seething and blaming the Dasher. By communicating with the customer, the Dasher will alleviate any suspense and transfer the anxiety to the correct source. Courtesy is a must, even if you meet with the worst merchant and customer on Earth, smile, say please and thank you, and make a note and send it into DoorDash service so they can know that there are problem merchants and customers.

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

How do the ratings affect a Dasher?

Every city has a published Dasher threshold rating, if you go below your cities rating level, you will be automatically deactivated. If your ratings to start to decline, DoorDash will send you notifications so you can assess why it is occurring and try to make changes.

Completion Rating

When a Dasher accepts an order, it is tallied up with all the other orders made, and a list of successful deliveries provides an acceptance rate. At the same time, for every cancellation a cancellation rate is also tallied up, the two are then assessed together, and a total acceptance rate is reached. This is called the completion rate. The completion rate will check to see how many deliveries were started and not completed, for whatever reasons. The higher the completion rate, the better the Dasher performs, the lower it means the Dasher is a poor courier. It also means that the customer has to wait for long times since a replacement Dasher must be found to fill in and complete the order.

There are many factors accepted as reasons for not completing a delivery, although the one that is not is cancellation fraud, which happens a lot when dealing with Dashers that try to play the system for Guarantees and incentives. If a Dasher is found to be a fraud, they will be deactivated for life. If the completion rate is low due to other reasons, the Dasher will receive notification of their low status and will either try to change the situation or will be deactivated.

Here is a list of ratings per rating Type

Customer Ratings

five is perfect

4.99 to 4.70 is high

4.69 to 4.30 is medium

4.29 to 4.20 is love

Anything under 4.2 is very low.

Acceptance rating

100% is perfect

99 to 80% is high

79 to 50% is medium

49 to 25% is love

Anything under 25% is very low

Completion Rating

100% is perfect

99 to 90% is high

89 to 80% is medium

79 to 70% is love

Anything under 70% is very low

Deactivation Policy

The DoorDash app is the communication hub for the Dashers, and the experienced Dashers know when the best hours and best places are for working. With the new pay model in place, income has grown, and Dashers now enjoy better pay in the same hours they work as before. On some occasions, with every employee in every company, some can become unstable and cause problems for both the company and their customers. The only way to assure that those Dashers do not upset the equilibrium delivering a constant and continuous high-quality service DoorDash deactivates their accounts. This deactivation also stops them from harming DoorDash's and other Dasher's good name and reputation.

DoorDash is highly transparent about this issue, and since it is a contractual work environment will feel no compunction in deactivating a Dasher that has or is suspected of being a problem. Here are some issues to consider before working for DoorDash.

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Apart from very low ratings that will lead to deactivation, there are some other factors that include:

Working Safety

The safety of the DoorDash environment is the primary concern of the company; it is of equal importance if not sometimes more important than the quality of the overall service delivered. A safe environment will always remove all excuses for failure.

The moment a Dasher creates an instance that will endanger the safety of the environment or integrity of the service they will be deactivated immediately and for life.

Abusing the Contract

Other instances that lead to immediate deactivation for life include illegal or unethical abuse of the DoorDash platform, and these include the following instances:

Trying to manipulate the DoorDash referrals system such as the consumer or dasher referrals program, pay promos and any other kind of promo or incentive.

Abusing the use of the Red Card, DoorDash's credit card that every Dasher receives. Deactivation if used for personal reasons other than the intended purchase.

Deactivation for providing incorrect or fraudulent information during the application process, including driver or vehicle information. The company might also pursue legal action too.

Opening, using or consuming a delivery before it reaches the customer.

Deactivation Appeals

On some occasions, the reasons for deactivation might not be correct, when this happens Dashers are empowered to provide DoorDash with their explanation of why the deactivation was incorrect, and the review board will decide to refuse or accept the claims.

The Referral Program

DoorDash promotes referrals with some incentives; this is one of their many ways to replenish their ranks of Dashers. Referral bonuses are awarded the moment dasher ash applied and been activated and when the new Dasher meets the bonus activation requirements, which are some deliveries within 30 days from activation.

Dasher referral deals differ between cities, so check out what is happening in your city.

Dashers can refer to new applicants through social media networks and messaging apps.

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

All you need to do is send the new applicant to

Make sure that the new applicant includes your phone number on the signup page in the "Referrer Phone #" field. Otherwise, both of you lose out on the referral bonus.

Part 2


This chapter will deal with all things around the actual delivery process, operating the app and dealing with customers.

  1. Dashing Tips
  2. How to Dash
  3. Dashing Issues
  4. Dash Scheduling
  5. Payment Details
  6. Customer Communications
  7. Food Handling
  8. Alcohol deliveries
  9. App Troubleshooting

Dashing Tips

Before you start working, you should go to this section; it's a brief compendium of tips for successful dashing.

  1. Downloading the app is the first obvious tip. Without the app, you cannot work.
  2. Either reserve you shift period or start working when you activate the app.
  3. Before you sign in, position yourself in a busy area
  4. Refresh the app constantly to receive new orders
  5. Contact support at any moment during a shift to receive help when needed
  6. After completing your delivery, return to the busy areas for more work
  7. Wear an identifying shirt; the DoorDash shirt helps you get the Merchants attention.
  8. If you wait around busy area's the chances of picking up an order are greatly increased.
  9. Confirm as fast as possible; there is only a 60-second confirmation limit.
  10. Communicate with customers as often as needed; this is the golden rule of successful ratings since it pushes the anger from you to the merchant when dealing with delays in restaurants.
  11. Always check your orders after receiving them and before leaving the restaurant, check to see they are correct, complete and undamaged.

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

How to Dash

After opening the app you will start receiving orders, the mode of operation is straightforward:

  1. Open the app
  2. Accept an order
  3. Drive to the pick-up location
  4. Identify yourself to the merchant
  5. Notify your customer you are at the merchant and waiting for the order
  6. If the order was pre-paid, check to see if it is complete and correct
  7. If the order was not pre-paid, check to see if it is complete and correct and then pay for it using your red-card.
  8. Notify the customer you are driving to them.
  9. Drive to the customer's location
  10. Notify the customer you have arrived, or knock on the door.
  11. If the customer lives in a secure facility, notify them you have arrived and ask for instructions.
  12. After completing the delivery, make sure you select "complete" in the app and drive back to a busy area.

Possible Issues with orders

While most deliveries go off without a hitch, issues do arise and here are a few to watch out for:

Late Deliveries

The first rule of delays, no matter what they are, is to notify the customer and let them know the reason for the delay:

  1. Red-Card not accepted; if this occurs then wait five minutes and try again if it doesn't work again, contact support and ask for a fill-up. If it still doesn't work and they will (together with you) pay remotely for the delivery. Under no circumstances do you pay for an order with your own money?
  2. A missing item, on some occasions an item might be out of stock, call the customer to ask for a replacement, also suggest to them what replacements the merchant is suggesting.
  3. When too many items are missing, the customer might cancel the order. So be sure to keep communication lines operational at all times.
  4. Long queues can cause concern; they are not your problem, communicate this to the customer and wait for their advice. The customer might ask you to wait or cancel the order.
  5. Traffic can be a major concern for car drivers, especially in inner-city areas. If you hit congestion, and the map (Waze, Google Maps) suggests you will be delayed, relay the delay to the customer in case they decide to cancel.
  6. The merchant is closed; for iPhone users contact support and for Android users press "help" and then "picking up" and choose the merchant closed" option. The app will instruct you what to do. If you don't see the option on your app, contact support.
  7. Order not received by the merchant, this is rare, contact support and place the order. Notify the customer as well.

Customer Delivery Issues

On some occasions, a customer cannot be reached, and there is no one to accept the delivery. In this instance, you go to the app, and for Android users, you choose the help screen, select the order you are delivering and then choose the "dropping off" option and wait for instructions. iPhone users will wait for the ETA to finish and then wait a further 10 minutes after if after 10 minutes the customer has not responded you cancel the order as a customer no-show. During all this time you are attempting to contact the customer and are in touch with support. If the customer is at a wrong address, then drive to the new one, notify support. The payment system takes into account these factors, so Dashers now get paid for such instances.

Dealing with Emergencies

When Dasher has a personal emergency to deal with, they must notify support immediately, and support will transfer al the orders to a new Dasher. This is done via the app this way:


  • Tap the Help icon
  • Choose "Picking Up"
  • Choose "Unassign this delivery."
  • Enter the reason; it will delay all new deliveries by 5 minutes.


  • Select "help."
  • Choose "Can't do this order."
  • Enter a reason
  • Tap "Submit Request or Submit"
  • Tap "continue to confirm."

Order Queries

Some restaurants will ask the Dasher for preparation preferences, always contact the customer for instructions. You do this via the app:

  • Choose "picking up."
  • Select "questions about the order."
  • Either text or call the customer

Dash Scheduling

It is requested that all Dashers schedule their days ahead of time, this gives DoorDash a good understanding of their saturation and how they will handle deliveries.

If you schedule a shift and cancel it, you are taking a slot from another Dasher, so only cancel a schedule at least 12 hours before the time it will start.

To schedule:

Android: Scheduling

  • Tap "add a new dash."
  • Choose "selected locations."
  • Select the area you will start in and tap "filter."
  • Select a date to see if there is an available slot
  • Add the time you want to start working.

Android: Editing a Schedule

  • Tap "Menu"
  • Tap "schedule."
  • Choose the Dash you want to edit
  • Tap "Edit"

Android: Deleting a Schedule

  • Tap "Menu"
  • Tap "schedule."
  • Choose the Dash you want to cancel
  • A popup will ask what you want to do
  • Select "delete."
  • A popup will confirm you want to delete
  • Tap "Okay
  • Get the confirmation message that the "dash has been deleted."

iPhone: Scheduling

  • Tap "schedule."
  • Tap the cog icon and to choose which vehicle or area
  • Select the date you want to work
  • Select the location you want to work
  • Choose your start time and end time
  • Tap "sign up."

iPhone: Editing a Schedule

  • Tap "Schedule"
  • Tap "scheduled."
  • Choose the Dash you want to edit
  • Change the start or end time or both
  • Tap "save."

iPhone: Deleting a Schedule

  • Tap "Schedule"
  • Tap "scheduled."
  • Choose the Dash you want to cancel
  • Tap "delete."
  • Tap "yes."

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

Payment Details

DoorDash developed this new model: $1 + pay boost + 100% of tip.

First off, the tip was always 100% even before the new model changes, so this is not a big deal, just a PR incentive. The new model is calculated on many factors including the estimated driving distance, traffic, parking, estimated wait time for the merchant, size, and weight of the order, and whether the Dasher has to place the order.

Dashers get paid every week; a week is calculated starting Monday and ending Sunday. The payment is sent via direct deposit, which you set up during your application and the transfer takes up to two to three days, which means that they invariably appear in the Dashers account during Wednesday.

DoorDash does not pay a wage, it transfers an independent contractor fee, which means you need to deal with all your tax issues alone.

Payments per city: DoorDash operates in these markets:

Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Chicago, Phoenix, Southern California, Columbus, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, New York, Texas, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Miami, Boston, Northern California, Seattle, Bellevue, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Denver, and Boulder.

Dashers can read up about each market in the DoorDash city pages:

Customer Communications

DoorDash promotes communicating with customers during a Dash since it helps alleviate any anxieties the customer will have a delay or an issue that arise during the delivery. Rather than wait for a customer to call you, contact them first.

Some customer requests cannot be dealt with by a Dasher, and they are:

  • Address change request
  • Order change request

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

Good Dashing Practices

Never drive and text, this is tantamount to an accident occurring. It is also illegal, and you could get pulled over and fined.

When a customer requests anything that is not directly related to the order and its delivery to the address in the order, contact support.

Always have caller ID enabled, so the customer knows who is calling them.

Update the customer during an order and try to contact them before they contact you, it's a sign of being aware of time, and the customer will feel cared for. Their anxiety and anger levels will not rise. If you wait for a customer to call you, or a customer calls you to ask, then they are already anxious. We suggest you placate them with the situation and tell them you will update them at two-minute intervals by text.

If a customer requests a change of address or a change of order after you accepted the order, direct them to contact DoorDash to make the change. Your income is based on the drop off location, so if you want you can explain this to the customer and try to help them contact support.

Contacting support is done through the app:

  • iPhone: choose Account, tap Support
  • Android: choose Account, tap Contact Us

Handling Food

Since DoorDash is all about handling food, you need to understand some basics, and after a while, your personal experience will kick in, and you will be adept at handling all kinds of foodstuff.

Here are some tips to start off with, there is no point in finding out the hard way when we can save you a lot of the initial hassle:

Collecting orders from Restaurants

  • Make sure you count all the items in the bag against the items ordered in the app
  • Only let restaurant staff open the food containers to inspect them.
  • Make sure you have the correct bags and boxes for transporting different food temperatures.
  • For hot or warm food, cover the packaging with a blanket.
  • Don't store hot and cold food together.
  • To make sure the food doesn't slide all over the place, secure it in a defined location.
  • Never deliver when ill, the last thing a customer wants to see, and a restaurant too is a sniffling Dasher.
  • Keep all your bags clean and wipe any containers with a towel.
  • Make sure your car is clean and free from any smells.
  • Make sure your hands are clean and your fingernails too, there is nothing more disgusting then receiving food from dirty hands and fingernails.

Delivering Alcohol

This particular delivery comes with a special task, identifying the receiver. While an adult customer might make the order, on occasions an underage representative will claim the order. This is not allowed, so hen delivering alcohol, ID verification is mandatory.

Validating age:

  • You must ask for the receiver's ID; this is obtained through a valid driver's license, Valid US Armed Forces Card or passport that has both the photo and age of the person as well as an expiry date.
  • Validate that the ID is real and not a fake.
  • Make sure the ID has not expired
  • Ask to hold the ID in your hand for close inspection

Intoxication restrictions

Dashers are not allowed to deliver goods to intoxicated or drugged people, this is a slightly harder instance to validate, so you need to rely on your perception as well as factor in the following:

  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Body language

Location Restrictions

Alcohol cannot be delivered to these locations:

  • Public or private school (K-12).
  • College or University Campus.
  • Prison or reformatory.
  • Veterans' home or state capitol grounds.
  • Locker or package storage service.
  • A business that sells alcohol.

Identifying the Order

The Dasher app assigns a 21+ popup when alcohol is present in order. So when you arrive at the location to check the ID, this is what you will do:

  • Slide to check ID
  • Ask the customer for a valid ID
  • Scan the ID barcode into the device or enter the information required
  • If the customer is underage, the app will notify you.

**Troubleshooting App Issues **

There are a number of ways to deal with slow or sticky reactions and freezes:

  • Check to see you have an internet connection.
  • Start by hard closing the app and then restarting it.
  • Then hard close the phone and restart it.
  • Then remove the app and download it again.
  • Download an operating system upgrade.
  • Last effort, check your phone's memory and storage and free up if full.
  • If none of these work, buy a new device.

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

Part 3

In this part of the handbook, we will review Chapters 5 and 6.

DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive is a food delivery catering service. This means Dashers will pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers at the restaurants request not the customers.


Drive guarantees a minimum income that is displayed before a Dasher takes an order. This will enable the Dasher to consider taking the order or not. The basic income model will not change, it is $1 + pay boost + 100% of tip.If the end pays below the minimum (which is doubtful), then DoorDash will fill in the remaining amount.

The pay model is calculated on many factors including the estimated driving distance, traffic, parking, estimated wait time for the merchant, size, and weight of the order, and whether the Dasher has to help to place the order on tables.

Preparing a Schedule

One of the features of Drive is that restaurants require that a Dasher claims the order up front, this assures the merchant of the orders delivery on time as well as places a name and face to the delivery section of the whole process. The requirements for accepting a claim is that the Dasher arrives with two large insulated bags. DoorDash urges Dashers interested in working for Dash to claim incoming orders quickly since this particular service is lucrative, especially with tips. It also aligns a Dasher with a merchant that might offer more work in the future and fact leads to some closer business relationships between merchants and Dashers which is good for the Dashers income as well as ratings.

Dashing and Drive

Dashers that claim a scheduled driver when on delivery will extend the original Dash. If the Dasher claims the new scheduled delivery, it will generate a new Dash. Dashers must sign into the new delivery 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time to assure the pre-claimed order is confirmed. If a Dasher misses this time frame, the order will be re-assigned to a different Dasher. If a Dasher cannot complete a scheduled drive delivery, they must notify support at least two hours before the delivery schedule. When accepting a scheduled drive delivery, the Dasher can be anywhere, and arrive at the pick-up point to start the delivery process.

**The Drive Delivery Process **


When a Dasher arrives at a merchants site (restaurant), they will have little or no details of the order; this is because the restaurant will direct the Dasher and fill in all the details on site. There is one DoorDash tip to consider, don't arrive too early, about five minutes is enough, some restaurants have not finished preparing the order and waiting around is both wasteful for the Dasher as well as problematic for some Restaurants that don't have the time or space to deal with the driver. Restaurant kitchens tend to be tight and tense places, where tempers will flare when a stranger impedes on their progress.


Drive orders differ from standard orders, while you are working for the restaurant as your customer, the restaurant is working for the real customer that ordered the food in the first place. Your communications should be in order with what the restaurant manager or representative tells you. Just to be sure, make sure you have the customer's contact details, the administrator's contact details, and the restaurant's contact details so if there is an issue that arises, and you cannot reach the customer you will have someone to call for directions.

Most merchants will request that you arrive on time, not too early and not late, arriving five minutes before the scheduled time is considered to be the best option. When arriving, you might be asked to help with the food distribution from the bags and containers. After delivering the order, you might be required to get the customers signature on the receipt, don't forget this.


The income is city dependent. However, the pay model is the same $1 + pay boost + 100% of tip paid by the customer. It is important to note that in this case, there might be two tips, one from the Dashers customer and one from the merchant's customer, although in general when a final customer pays the gratuity, it is enough. When the Dasher brings back the signed customers receipt, it will be checked by the merchant, if you received a tip, it would be included in their pay. If a Dasher received a tip, they must take a photocopy and send it to support so that the full tip amount will be included in the final pay. If the customer gives a cash tip, it must be reported otherwise it will be considered as a fraudulent receipt of money.

Sign up to become a Dasher today! Earn up to $25/hour and get $500 bonus after 100 deliveries in 75 days.

Cities where Drive is operable: (as provided by the DoorDash site)

San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay & Peninsula, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle (Seattle, Bellevue), Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus, New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn), Boston, Washington, D.C. (D.C., Northern Virginia), Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Houston, Dallas (Dallas, Ft. Worth), San Antonio, Austin, Vancouver and Toronto.

**Payment and Insurance **

We discussed earnings in part 2, here we discuss all the other options and situations related to dasher income.

Earnings Verification

Some new employers request verification of earnings since DoorDash does not employ Dashers, they cannot give such verification.


DoorDash offers incentive programs every now and then; these include a guaranteed income from a dash period. If you do not reach the set income during the period you work in, but accept 90% of all orders, and meet a minimum of 1.3 deliveries per hour, you will be eligible for a guaranteed addition that will raise your income to that bonus level.

Only Dashers that receive an e-mail or in-app notification will be eligible for guaranteed income. These incentives are offered daily during peak hours, which are around 11am and 2pm lunch break hours and 5pm and 9pm evening meal peak hours.

Guarantees provide a minimum earning a level, so if you go past that level, you won't get any additional income. This is not a cap bonus but a base bonus.

What is Busy Pay?

Busy pay is a bonus scheme that provides Dashers with added income during peak hours. The more work you get, the higher the rate you receive, which is a great incentive program. When you receive notification of a "Busy Pay" rate, it means you will make more money on that delivery.

Busy Pay FAQ

Q: How is Busy Pay Valued?

A: The value of a busy pay increase depends on the saturation of Dashers in the market at the time of the increase in demand.

Q: How do I identify a Busy Pay order?

A: The Busy Pay icon and the additional amount will be on the order screen!

Q: Does Busy Pay benefit me?

A: Yes. It increases your delivery income.

Q: Does Busy Pay apply in any Peak Bonus Pay?

A: Yes. Busy pay is added to your Peak Bonus, so it will be calculated like this: Standard Pay + Peak Bonus Pay + 100% of tips.

Reporting Missing Payments

If you think or know you were not paid for a dash or received only a partial payment, then contact support via the DoorDash help forum.

When sending a request to add these details:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • The phone number used with your DoorDash account
  • The amount you're missing
  • The day or dates the dashes took place
  • If you're using DailyPay

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Top Pay Problems

Top Pay issues rarely occur, if they do, check your bank details and see if they are not out of date.

All About DailyPay

DailyPay is the DoorDash system used to pay dashers on a daily basis. Since Dashing is a part-time job and most Dashers prefer to be paid as soon as possible, DoorDash provides a link to this service. Here is what you need to know about DailyPay.

DailyPay is a payment company that works with US contractors and helps them get paid before their payment due date.

DoorDash provides DailyPay with your daily income amount, and then DailyPay calculates the income you make in 24 hours starting 5:50am ET. This amount is then what is made available for you.

If you use DailyPay, then at the end of a typical DoorDash week, whatever you haven't taken out will be transferred to your account.

Since DailyPay calculates your earnings on the past 24 hours, if you work more you will not see that reflected in the amount you receive. Your pay is based on yesterday's amount.

DailyPay take $1.25 for every transfer, and it is not a loan, it is a payment against your own funds.

DailyPay is not a fixed term contract; you can cancel it any-time after opening it.

DailyPay is a third party company that is not part of DoorDash, so any issues with DailyPay must be made directly with them and not through DoorDash.

You can reach DailyPay at for online chat, or call them at 1.888.991.3646 (Monday - Friday, 9 AM ET - 6 PM ET)

Taxes and Dashers

Another service that DoorDash works with is Payable. This company helps manage tax return issues, and any Dasher that earns more than $600 should fill in 1099-MISC form.

Dashers receive an e-mail invitation to join Payable, it is not mandatory, if you have your own tax advisor then, by all means, use them.


How to file a DoorDash accident report.

All Dashers are required to have a valid and up-to-date insurance policy for their cars. If a Dasher is involved in an accident, they must file a report. DoorDash also provides an insurance scheme that offers excess coverage and is an option for Dashers to consider when starting to work for DoorDash. This extra coverage will only be applied if you have a basic car cover in place.

Filing a report goes like this:

  • Download the DoorDash Accident Report PDF file
  • Fill out all information and scan the completed form.
  • Email the file as an attachment to

What is the Everlance Partnership

Everlance is an independent contractor's revenue, taxes and expenses tracking system. Like every small business, a Dasher has expenses, as well as income. These expenses are taken from the gross income to provide net income before tax. Taxes are calculated on the net income.

The Tax authority also maintains its own rules and regulations, such as, a tax-deductible mile which is set at $0.535. We don't expect you to be a CPA, so using this system is best for maintaining a list of all your expenses and income and then using this information for filling in the tax form.

There are other options, such as Excel, QuickNotes Personal Edition and more, but what is useful with Everlance is that it is partnered with the app level, which means all the income from dashes will be updated immediately and automatically in the Everlance system. This makes inputting your daily expenses easy. All you need to do is make sure that every gas refill, phone bill and car cleaning fee, car insurance, maintenance and loans, depreciation and other car related expenses can be included in the system and used for calculating your end of the year profit/loss sheet for taxes. Since Everlance is in partnership with DoorDash, you get to upgrade to a premium of only $1 per annum!

Stride Health Insurance Partnership

DoorDash realized that the problem with part-time jobs is the health insurance coverage or lack thereof. So DoorDash developed a collaboration effort with Stride and takes advantage of the Affordable Care Act to provide Dashers with a health insurance option. The process is quite neat; Stride will help Dashers understand the intricacies of the health insurance system and provide them with the right health plan that suits their needs and expectations.

Stride provides an open enrollment application allowing dashers to apply within the sign-up period between Nov. 1st and January 31st; this enables Dashers to switch between health insurance providers or to buy a policy through the affordable care act.

Dashers enroll via

All Dashers are eligible, so long as they are US citizens.

Dashers with health policies can compare what they have to what Stride offers. The only downside is that DoorDash will not cover the payment, this is an entirely personal issue that DoorDash instigated for Dashers to help them with this issue.

Stride is not an insurance company; it only searches for the best solution for you, so you don't pay them anything, that is the upside. However, you will pay the insurance company their monthly premiums.

Dashers can also use Stride for their immediate family.

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